Temporizadores, relojes y cronómetros

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetros caleidoscópicos Traceable™

Digital stopwatches with choice of six translucent colors—color code to a specific test or instrument. Fisher Scientific Traceable Kaleidoscope Stopwatch displays time of day in hour, minute, and second, AM/PM, date, and day of the week. TIMER 24H GRÖN FP=3

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador de escritorio Traceable™: 100 minutos

One timing channel and single-line display MINUTEUR 99 59?

Fisherbrand™ Cronómetros de 24 horas Traceable™

Digital, handheld STOPWATCH STOPWATCH READS TIME UP TO24 hours chronograph displays time of day in

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador mecánico

Use this timer for a variety of timing applications. MECHANICAL TIMER 60 MIN

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro/temporizador de repetición Traceable™

Ideal for an analysis that must be noted at routine intervals STOPWATCH COUNTDOWN FROM 10 HOURS TO1/10 second eight memories 60mm x 60mm x 12.7mm

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro decimal Traceable™

Precise, Traceable timing for enzyme tests, viscosity measurements, animal studies, and all timed lab tests. Fisher Scientific Traceable Decimal Stopwatch is tough with water-resistant ABS plastic case which seals out moisture, dust, and fumes encountered in harsh lab, plant, or field environments. STOPWATCH DECIMAL, FOUR TIMING FORMATS, alarm, tough water resistant ABS plastic case

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador de cuenta atrás

Use this countdown clock for a variety of timing applications. Fisherbrand™ Countdown Timers are supplied with a Traceable Certificate to ensure accuracy. TIMER COUNTDOWN/UP AND CLOCK WITH ALARM

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetros/temporizador Traceable™

Remarkable timers with large display. CRONOMETRO CON ALARMA 100H TRACEAB

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores de bolsillo SX-Timer™ y Quick-Timer™

Easy-to-read and use without buttons, batteries or confusing settings. Fisher Scientific SX-Timer and Quick-Timer Pocket Timers can be adjusted from 1 to 60 minutes in one-minute increments. WIND-UP TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro con temporizador de cuenta atrás/adelante Traceable™

Convenient, one-channel benchtop timer. CHONOMETRE REBOURS 100 MIN

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador principal de laboratorio Traceable™

Lab-Top Timer is built expressly for bench use MINUTEUR LAB-TOP 24H

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Countup Benchtop Timers

Handheld with a rugged ABS plastic case TRACEABLE BENCH TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Reloj de pared, calendario y termómetro

High-tech design looks great in any science classroom or office. TRACEABLE CALENDAR THERMOMTR CLOCK

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador de cuenta atrás de 3 canales

Runs three separate timers simultaneously. Fisherbrand™ 3-Channel Countdown Timer counts down from a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds on each clock. Provides both audible and visual alarm. CRONOMETRO CUENTA ATRAS 3 CANALES

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro de 60 memoria Traceable™

Sixty memories recall all splits, display sample numbers 1-60, and show interval split, longest, shortest, and average times 60-Memory Stopwatch

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador de cuenta atrás con voz Traceable™

Innovative countdown timer counts down, counts up, and tells time of day with Traceable precision in English. TALKING TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Two-Channel Benchtop Timer with Dual-Line LCD

Functions as a stopwatch and a clock TRACEABLE JUMBO TIMER (BLACK)

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador Giant-Digit Traceable™

Digital display provides clear visibility from 40 ft. TRACEABLE GIANT COUNTDOWN TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores mecánicos

Wind up, analog timers eliminate batteries. Fisher Scientific Mechanical Timers are adjustable from 0 to 60 min. with 1 minute increments. TIMER SX-TIMER FROM 0 MINUTES TO 60minutes, easy to read ABS chemical resistant

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador de alarma de tres canales Traceable™

Perfect unit to dedicate to a group of repetitive tests Timer three line alarm battery operated 50mm x83mm x 13mm counts down from 99hr

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro digital con doble pantalla Traceable™

Quartz-crystal design is accurate to 0.0005%—over 100 times more accurate than other stopwatches STOPWATCH DUAL DISPLAY, TIMES TO 9hours, 59 mins, 59 secs, countdown from 10 hours

Fisher Scientific™ Single-Action Stopwatch™

Simple and intuitive to use. STOPWATCH 13 JEWEL SINGLE BUTTONstart, stop and reset metal housing 51mm x 13mm,

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador trazable de escritorio: 24 horas

Displays in seconds for last 10 min. TRACEABLE MEMORY TIMER

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador Multi-Colored Seymour Blue™ Traceable™

Features Automatic Bounceback™ Memory for repetitive timing CRONOMETRO 4 CANALES MR.BLUE

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador de cuenta atrás con pantalla dual/Jumbo

Read display from any angle with large digits and two tilt options. Fisherbrand™ Dual/Jumbo Display Countdown Timer allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from 24 hours to 1 second.