Corning™ UltraGAPS™ Microarray Slides

Ideal for printing both long (>50 mer) oligonucleotide and cDNA arrays X25 ULTRAGAPS coated slide, barcoded, Nonsterile,5/bag

Thermo Scientific™ Constructor de micromatrices de tejido (TMA) Lab Vision™

Compare simultáneamente una gran variedad de parámetros moleculares y de proteínas en tejidos de numerosas muestras con el Constructor de micromatrices de tejido (TMA) Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™. 1 SET TMA BUILDER (DEVICE FOR PRODUCING TISSUEMicro Arrays), includes punch extractor, 2 piece

Thermo Scientific™ Cubreobjetos Nunc™ Thermanox™

Aumente la fijación celular con la superficie hidrófila de estos cubreobjetos. Tratados para cultivo tisular y disponibles en diversos tamaños y formas. X500 CUBRE THERMANOX 22X60MM

Thermo Scientific™ Portaobjetos de pocillos impresos hidrofóbicos, 12 pocillos, 5 mm

Elimine casi toda la contaminación cruzada manteniendo los fluidos en su lugar con el revestimiento hidrofóbico de los portaobjetos de pocillos impresos hidrofóbicos Thermo Scientific™. PORTA TEFLON 12 POC. DIAM.5M

Corning™ Epoxide-Coated Microarray Slides

Ideal for covalent attachment of unmodified or amino-modified short oligonucleotides (∽30-mer) and long oligonucleotides (>50-mer) X25 epoxide slide with barcode, Nonsterile, 5/bag

Fisherbrand™ Portaobjetos microscópico de bordes redondeados

Wrapped in cellophane for improved cleanliness. Fisherbrand™ Microscopic Slides with Ground Edges are available plain or twin frosted. Washed and polished glass slides with 90° ground edge. X50 Microscope slide ground edges, plain glass

Corning™ Microarray Slide Holders

Plastic containers function as storage boxes for printed arrays X20 BOITE 25 LAMES ORANGE

Thermo Scientific™ Cubreobjetos adhesivos para soportes de hibridación in situ

Gene Frames for in-situ feature a dual strength adhesive system which facilitates the easy removal of the frames after use. X100 GENE FRAME 25 µL

Thermo Scientific™ Portaobjetos Nunc™ para microscopio

Portaobjetos de vidrio para intercambio con portaobjetos Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ para microscopio, que ofrecen una mejor fijación celular. X100 PORTA PERMANOX 75X27 MM TC ES

Corning™ Frosted Microscope Slides

Frosted on one or both sides X1440 PORTA MARGEN 2 CARAS 75X25 M

Cole Parmer™ Erie Scientific™ Slide


Corning™ Plain Microscope Slides

Precleaned, ready to use X720 PORTA MARGEN 75X50 MM

Corning™ Microarray Storage Pouches

Protect printed microarrays from light, humidity, and environmental contaminants X50 microarray storage pouches, for 25-slide mailers, bulk

Fisherbrand™ True North™ Microscope Slide Box

Protect slides in ultra-low temperatures as low as –80°C. Fisherbrand™ True North™ Microscope Slide Box is constructed of durable polycarbonate with a stainless steel clasp. True North 25 Place Slide Box

Corning™ Plain Microscope Slides

Plain water-white glass X1440 PORTA S MARGEN 75X25 MM

Applied Biosystems™ Dynabeads™ Spot-On™ Slides

Dynabeads™ Spot-On™ Slides DYNAL SPOT-ON

Cole Parmer™ Portaobjetos de vidrio Erie Scientific™

Reduce the chances of cutting your finger or tearing a glove when you use these slides. Cole-Parmer™ Erie Scientific™ Clipped-Corner Plain Glass Slides feature clipped corners for easy handing, ideal for making smears. X144 PORTA SIN MARGEN 75X25MM PULI

Corning™ O-ring

X15 CMT hybridization chamber O-rings, Individually wrapped

Corning™ GAPS™ II Coated Slides

Unique surface chemistry enables the even immobilization of DNA and uniform spot morphology X25 CMT-GAPS2 coated slides, non barcoded, Nonsterile, 5/bag

MaxArray™ Breast Receptor Control Cell Block

MaxArray™ Breast Receptor Control Cell Block MAXARRAYTM BREAST RECEPTOR CON

Corning™ Microarray Slide Mailer Storage Boxes

Plastic containers function as storage boxes for printed arrays X20 25-slide storage box for microarrays, Clear, 10/bag

Corning™ Epoxide Coated Slide


Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTS)

Coat glass and silica surfaces to add primary amines, which can be used to crosslink and immobilize proteins and other molecules using this silylation reagent. 100 GR 3-AMINOPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE 100G

Corning™ Hybridization Chamber

Designed to hold 25 x 75mm microarray slides at a constant humidity during hybridization incubations X5 hybridization chamber II with increased depth,individually wrapped

EMD Millipore Portaobjetos Millicell™ EZ

Culture, fix, stain, and view cells all in one device X96 Slide Millicell EZ cell culture, 8 well,(VE = 96Stck.)

Falcon™ Chambered Cell Culture Slides

Packaged in disposable incubation trays. Corning™ Falcon™ Chambered Cell Culture Slides are ideal for in situ DNA amplification/hybridization, tissue and tumor typing/pathology, or any study requiring a small, accessible culture area. X24 4-Well Culture Slide, 12/Pack

EMD Millipore Microscope Slides

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. X72 PORTAOBJETOS PRE CLEAN 75X50 M

Rogo Sampaic™ Glass Lames