Incubadores, placas calefactoras, baños y calentamiento

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories

Precisely control the CO2 and temperature with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Series CO2 Incubators.  Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories are important components for optimal operation. SERPENTIN ENFRIADOR CO2 184L

Thermo Scientific™ Interfaz de ordenador RS 232 de estufas Vacutherm™ para controlador Kelvitron™, para VT 6015, VT 6060 M/P y VT6130 M/P

Choose from a range of accessories and options for Vacutherm™ ovens to meet application-specific requirements.


Gibco™ Lab Armor™ Beads

Small, non-uniform metal beads comprised of dry, metallic thermal alloy for use in water baths designed to replace water in a water bath or ice in an ice bucket LAB ARMOR BEADS

Corning™ LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Accessory, Single Blocks

Choice of configurations for use with LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater single block, 20x10mm tubes

Thermo Scientific™ Placas calefactoras digitales Cimarec™

Las placas calefactoras digitales Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec ofrecen multitud de funciones para todas las necesidades de calentamiento de muestras e incluyen un visor digital de fácil lectura y alertas de advertencia de superficie caliente (HOT SURFACE). PLACA CALEFACTORA CIMAREC+ 18X18CM

Thermo Scientific™ Silicone-free Viton™ Door Sealing for Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Incubators and Ovens

For use with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Incubators and Ovens VITON SEALING HERATHERM SERIE 750

Corning™ Digital Hotplate and Stirrer Accessory: Support Rods

Choice of configurations for use with various hotplates or stirrers Stainless Steel Support Rod, two 9' (45.7 cm)

Cole Parmer™ Compact Thermocouple Probe


Thermo Scientific™ Enfriadores de inmersión EK

Simplifique la refrigeración directa de muestras pequeñas. Combínelo con circuladores para baño abierto para obtener una alternativa fiable y flexible al enfriamiento con agua corriente que elimina los inconvenientes de manipular hielo seco o LN2. CRYOPLONGEUR EK30 -30 À 15

Cole Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Flexible Insulated-Wire Thermocouple Probes

Optimize readings and temperature accuracy for a variety of applications with these probes. Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Flexible Insulated-Wire Thermocouple Probes are ideal for high-temperature measurements and can be used with liquids, gases and semisolids.  TERMOPAR K 1260°C 1,5M

Thermo Scientific™ Incubadoras de CO2 con camisa de agua Forma™ serie II 3110

Controle de manera precisa el CO2 y la temperatura con los incubadoras de CO2 con camisa de agua Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ serie II 3110. INCUBADOR CO2 WJ IR

Thermo Scientific™ Touch Screen Dry Bath/Block Heater

Achieve precise temperature stability and uniformity with our easy-to-use touch screen dry bath. Dry Bath advanced 1 blocks 200-240V

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ 4100 H19A Open Heated Acrylic Bath Circulators

Acrylic open heated baths are fitted with bridge plates for placement of the control head CIRCULATOR ISOUK 4100 H19A HEATEDacrylic bath,force pump, pump pressure 300mbar,

Fisherbrand™ Cover for General Purpose Water Bath

Fisherbrand™ Covers are for use withShallow-Form Shaking Water Baths. Stainless Steel Gable Cover for 10L General Purpose Water Bath

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Spare Heater Element


Gestigkeit Harry™ HT 12 Hot Plate


Thermo Scientific™ SAHARA S7 Stainless-Steel Heated Bath Circulators

Perfect for internal or external circulation. Offered in a wide selection for efficient heating from ambient 13° to 300°C, with maximum bath volume of 8 liters. BAÑO TERMOSTATICO +25/100ºC 13-21L

Thermo Scientific™ ARCTIC A5B Refrigerated Circulators

A5B refrigerated baths feature a large work area, enabling high throughput and workflow efficiency, with temperatures ranging from −5° to +100°C and 20L maximum bath volume. CRYOTHERMOSTAT -5/+150°C 6-15L+150°C, Badvol. 6-15l, USB, 230V

Thermo Scientific™ Serpentín de refrigeración de agua del grifo para SC100, SC150, AC150, AC200 , PC200, PC201, PC300 con S13, S15, S21, para baños termostáticos de circulación con refrigeración y calentamiento Thermo Scientific™

Enhance the operation of Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators with accessories that include bridges, platforms, cooling coils and connectivity solutions. COOLING COIL FOR S6T W/ SC100/150

Fisher Scientific™ Mantas calefactoras para extracción múltiple: Modelo 6 Recess, calentamiento y agitación

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains "cool-to-the-touch" RAMPA 6 CALIENTA BALON 500ML AGITA

Thermo Scientific™ Work Area Covers for Thermo Scientific™ Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators

Work Area Covers for Thermo Scientific™ Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators include stainless-steel covers, and covers with leveling devices. INOX BATH LID FLAT W/HANDLE A25B

Cole Parmer™ Sondas de termopar Digi-Sense


Fisher Scientific™ Mantas de multiextracción: modelo 6 Recess, solo calentamiento

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains “cool-to-the-touch” RAMPA DE 6 CALIENTA BALON 250ML

Electrothermal™ CMUA Series Controlled Stirring Mantle

CMUA Electromantles share all the excellent features of the CMU Electromantle, but with the added functionality of magnetic stirring. For convenience and safety, the electric circuitry for stirring is built into the base of the heater, enabling powerful stirring over a wide range of solution volumes and viscosities using a magnetic stir bar. CMUA 1LTR 230V MANTLE/CONTROL

Fisher Scientific™ Blocks for Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

A variety of blocks for any application Fisherbrand Mixed blck 30 x 0.5ml + 20 x 0.2ml

Thermo Scientific™ SAHARA PPO S5P Heated Bath Circulators

Ideal when visibility of your application is required. BAÑO THERMO HAAKE 25/100ºC 3-5L