Microscopios y adquisición de imágenes celulares

Carl Zeiss™ Bombillas de repuesto para microscopios y fuentes de alimentación de fibra óptica

Para microscopios Carl Zeiss y fuentes de alimentación de fibra óptica X1 Halogen lamp 6V, 20W

Vilbert Lourmat™ UV Lamp Stand

Rich and robust table stand for ultraviolet lamps 4/8 W. SOPORTE PARA LAMPARA 15W O 30W

Carl Zeiss™ C-mount Camera Adapter

Adapts specific Zeiss microscopes for use with still or video camera ADAPTER TV/C 2/3' 0,63X

Invitrogen™ Cubos de luz

El motor de luz emite una intensidad extraordinaria en una trayectoria de luz corta que ofrece una excitación de fluoróforo excelente LED LIGHT CUBE TEXAS RED

Carl Zeiss™ 100W Halogen Rectangular Filament Bulb

Providing excellent illumination for halogen lamps in the laboratory. Lampe 12V 100W Halogen rechteckige Wendel

EVOS™ Accesorio de sistema de adquisición de imágenes, objetivos de microscopio

Componentes fabricados para garantizar imágenes con calidad de publicación

Invitrogen™ FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

Affordable, user-friendly imaging solution for quick detection and verification of fluorescently-labeled samples FLOID CELL IMAGING STATION

Fisherbrand™ Moticam 1 Digital Microscope Camera

Moticam 1 series used for schools and small laboratories. It's live resolution use these cameras with interactive white boards for integrated teaching. MOTICAM 1

Carl Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Universal Digital Camera Adapter

Record microscopic findings digitally with this camera adapter. Carl Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Universal Digital Camera Adapter fits onto a number of Axio, Stemi, and Stereo microscope lines. ADAPTADOR TELESCOPICO D52MM

Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ C Camera Accessories

For use with Carl Zeiss Invetoskop Microscopes ADAPTADOR V25C 1 1X

Fisherbrand™ Microscopio compuesto para investigación Serie AX-500

Selección de tres objetivos ópticos y tres cabezales ópticos. El microscopio de investigación compuesto de la serie AX-500 Fisher Scientific™ con iluminación LED de tonalidad fría está diseñado para el uso en la universidad y en laboratorios de investigación. MONOCULAR MICROSCOPE AX-501 ACHROMATIC

Applied Biosystems™ FLoid™ Printer Replacement Ink and Paper

For use with FLoid Cell Imaging Station-compatible printer INK/LABEL,2.1X3.4INCH,KC-18IF,

Invitrogen™ Coverglass Removal Tool

Minimize the risk of breakage of chambered coverglass during cell culture and fluorescence imaging applications. CultureWell&Trade; Coverglass Removal Tool enables the chambered upper structure to be easily separated from the coverglass without the need for excessive force. Coverglass Removal Tool

Thermo Scientific™ Objective Lenses for ArrayScan™ and CellInsight™ High-Content Platforms

Expand the functionality of your Thermo Scientific™ high-content instrument ARRAYSCAN OBJECTIVE 40X HIGH NA

EVOS™ Microscope Arm Rest Kit

For delicate cell isolation procedures ARM REST KIT

Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Eyepiece Reticles

Designed for use with Stemi Microscopes MICROMETRO OCULAR 10/0,1MM

Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Microscope Replacement Bulb

For use with Carl Zeiss Invetoskop Microscopes BULB ZEISS AXIOVERT 40CHALOGEN 12V 35W FOR AXIOVERt 40C

Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Stage Micrometers

Finely divided stage micrometer for calibrating optical systems with eyepiece graticule patterns. Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Stage Micrometer includes 1mm and 1/100mm intervals. MICROMETRO OBJETO 5+1MM/0,01MM

Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Dust Cover

L x W x H: 30 x 19 x 40cm PROTECTION COVER

Carl Zeiss™ Neutral-Density Filter

Suitable for a range of Axio microscopes NEUTRAL-DENSITY FILTER 0.06, D32X2

Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Microscope Specimen Holders

Designed for a variety of applications SOPORTE UNIVERSAL

Vilbert Lourmat™ UV Safety Screen


Zeiss™ Light Guide Holder for Stemi™ Mounts

Designed for use with Zeiss Microscopes SOPORTE DE ALUMBRADO INCORPORADO

UVP Converter Plate Uv 302Nm To Uv 365Nm

Converter plate UVP UV 302nm to UV 365nm, for use

Zeiss™ Stemi™ 2000/2000C Stereomicroscope Auxiliary Objectives

Use this objective with Cal Zeiss Mocroscopes. LENTE ADICIONAL 0,4X STEMI

Zeiss™ Stereomicroscope Stands and Components

Accessories for Zeiss Microscopes STAND S WITH COLUMN 260MM