Microscopios y adquisición de imágenes celulares

Carl Zeiss™ Bombillas de repuesto para microscopios y fuentes de alimentación de fibra óptica

Para microscopios Carl Zeiss y fuentes de alimentación de fibra óptica

Vilber Lourmat™ UV Lamp Stand

Rich and robust table stand for ultraviolet lamps 4/8 W.

Carl Zeiss™ C-mount Camera Adapter

Adapts specific Zeiss microscopes for use with still or video camera

Invitrogen™ Cubos de luz

El motor de luz emite una intensidad extraordinaria en una trayectoria de luz corta que ofrece una excitación de fluoróforo excelente

Carl Zeiss™ 100W Halogen Rectangular Filament Bulb

Providing excellent illumination for halogen lamps in the laboratory.

EVOS™ Accesorio de sistema de adquisición de imágenes, objetivos de microscopio

Componentes fabricados para garantizar imágenes con calidad de publicación

Invitrogen™ FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

Affordable, user-friendly imaging solution for quick detection and verification of fluorescently-labeled samples

Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ C Camera Accessories

For use with Carl Zeiss Invetoskop Microscopes

Fisherbrand™ Moticam 1 Digital Microscope Camera

Moticam 1 series used for schools and small laboratories. It's live resolution use these cameras with interactive white boards for integrated teaching.

Carl Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Universal Digital Camera Adapter

Record microscopic findings digitally with this camera adapter. Carl Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Universal Digital Camera Adapter fits onto a number of Axio, Stemi, and Stereo microscope lines.

EVOS™ EVOS™ Arm Rest Kit

For delicate cell isolation procedures

Fisherbrand™ Microscopio compuesto para investigación Serie AX-500

Selección de tres objetivos ópticos y tres cabezales ópticos. El microscopio de investigación compuesto de la serie AX-500 Fisher Scientific™ con iluminación LED de tonalidad fría está diseñado para el uso en la universidad y en laboratorios de investigación.

Applied Biosystems™ FLoid™ Printer Ink/Paper

For use with FLoid Cell Imaging Station-compatible printer

Thermo Scientific™ Olympus™ 4X Objective, U Plan S-Apo (0.16 NA)

Expand the functionality of your Thermo Scientific™ high-content instrument

Invitrogen™ Coverglass Removal Tool

Minimize the risk of breakage of chambered coverglass during cell culture and fluorescence imaging applications. CultureWell&Trade; Coverglass Removal Tool enables the chambered upper structure to be easily separated from the coverglass without the need for excessive force.

Carl Zeiss™ Neutral-Density Filter

Suitable for a range of Axio microscopes

Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Eyepiece Reticles

Designed for use with Stemi Microscopes

Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Microscope Specimen Holders

Designed for a variety of applications

Zeiss™ Stemi™ 2000/2000C Stereomicroscope Auxiliary Objectives

Use this objective with Cal Zeiss Mocroscopes.

Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Dust Cover

L x W x H: 30 x 19 x 40cm

Zeiss™ Light Guide Holder for Stemi™ Mounts

Designed for use with Zeiss Microscopes

Zeiss™ Stereomicroscope Stands and Components

Accessories for Zeiss Microscopes

Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Stage Micrometers

Finely divided stage micrometer for calibrating optical systems with eyepiece graticule patterns. Carl Zeiss™ Microscope Stage Micrometer includes 1mm and 1/100mm intervals.

Zeiss™ Invertoskop™ Microscope Replacement Bulb

For use with Carl Zeiss Invetoskop Microscopes