Mantenimiento y seguridad de las instalaciones

Thermo Scientific™ Lectores de códigos de barras Nunc™

Los lectores de códigos de barras Thermo Scientific™ Nunc con funcionalidad “Plug and Play” desempeñan un papel fundamental en el seguimiento de las muestras. Handheld Barcode Scanner USB

Thermo Scientific™ Encapsulador manual National para cierres estándar de 8 mm

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. Crimper 20mm Thermo Scientific

Vacuum Regulator with Dial Gauge Vacuum Regulator with Dial Gauge

Designed for use with Fisherbrand Chemical Duty Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps. Fisherbrand™ Vacuum Regulators feature regulator valve for intake that allows the adjustment of the ultimate pressure. Vacuum regualtor, dial gauge model DBR-B,1000-1 mbr, with DN8 hose nozzle for 8mm ID vacuum hose.

Thermo Scientific™ Conjuntos de mordaza para pinzas de engarce y desengarce de estaciones de engarce electrónicas de alta potencia programables

Optimice sus estaciones de engarce electrónica de alta potencia programable Thermo Scientific™ con estos conjuntos de engarce y desengarce. 20mm Decapper Jaw Set

Thermo Scientific™ Racores de llave dinamométrica Nalgene™ para tapones de polietileno de alta densidad (HDPE)

Garantizan lecturas de par de torsión exactas cuando se colocan sobre los frascos con racores de llave dinamométrica Nalgene para tapones de HDPE. FITTING FOR HDPE CLOSUREHDPE-Verschluss 20-415

Fisher Scientific™ Aluminum Foldup Cart

Fisher Scientific Aluminum Foldup Cart lets you move heavy lab equipment, chemicals, drums, and cases of glassware with ease. FOLD UP CART LIGHTWEIGHT, FOLDS TObriefcase size, solid rubber wheels, aluminium

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Torque Wrench Fittings for Polypropylene closure

Assure accurate torque readings when applying closures onto bottles with Nalgene Torque Wrench Fittings for Polypropylene Closures. FITTING FOR CLOSURE 53-41553-415

Cole Parmer™ Sharpie™ Industrial Marker

X12 Sharpie industrial marker with extra-fine tip,black

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Pressure/Vacuum Gauges

Measure in millimeters of mercury, pounds per square inch, bars, meters of water and atmospheres TRACEABLE® PRESSURE/VACUUM GUAGE

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Deluxe Laboratory Notebook with Regular paper pages; PE cover

184 high quality acid free paper pages with 1/4 in. grid X6 P. CUADERNOS LABORATORIO

Fisherbrand™ Rotuladores indelebles

Write on all surfaces X6 Permanent marker pen Fisherbrand produces

Cole Parmer™ HDPE Stackable Pail


Fisherbrand™ Glassware-Rescuer Diamond File

Never discard chipped glassware again GLASSWARE-RESCUER

Alfa Aesar™ Waterflame Microwelder Accessory, Atomizer Washer Set

For use with Waterflame Microwelder Atomizer washer set (flat)

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Black Ink Lab Markers

Mark on glass, plastic and metal with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Black Ink Lab Markers, recommended for use with Nalgene™ Polyolefin paper, notebooks and labels. X4 Lab marker, fine, black

R&L Enterprises™ Cortador para tubos de vidrio

Provides for quick and easy cutting of glass tubing in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Glass Cutters are manufactured from nickel plated zinc alloy. Glass tube cutter

Fisherbrand™ Grade 635 Steel Cleaning Roll Support

Provides support for cleaning rolls. WALL SUPPORT YARN L300MM WHITC

Fisherbrand™ Alfombrillas de entrada adhesivas

General sticky mats are ideal to use in cleanrooms of electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories and food industries for maintaining critical clean environment X120 TAPIS ADHESIF BLEU 61X114 CM

Fisherbrand™ National Manual Crimpers and Decrimpers for Cleanrooms

Achieve secure, repeatable crimps or remove seals with minimized risk of damage. X MANUAL CRIMPER FOR 11MM SEALS STAINLESS STEELAutoclavable

Cole Parmer™ Cepillos de nailon para vasos

Clean glassware easily with these brushes. Cole-Parmer&trade Nylon Beaker Brushes feature a white plastic handle that won't support bacteria or hold water. CEPILLO NILON VERDE

Thermo Scientific™ Software de gestión de muestras VisionTracker™

Organice y realice un seguimiento de sus muestras con facilidad utilizando el software gestión de muestras Thermo Scientific™ VisionTracker™. VISIONTRACKER STORAGE TRACKING DATABASE SOFTWARE

RL Enterprises™ Allen key Rexaloy for bosshead STE-500-010K R and L

Bosshead allen key,spare to fit ste-500-010k

Thermo Scientific™ Lithium Battery

Battery,lithium ion w/conn

Fisherbrand™ Bolígrafos técnicos científicos

Fast-drying ink in four colors X6 Scientific technical pen Fisherbrand quick

Thermo Scientific™ Engarce electrónico National de 8 mm, Gen 3, de 110 a 240 V

Añada o retire cierres de aluminio con solo pulsar un botón. ELECTRONIC CRIMPER, 13MM110-240V, für 13mm

Fisherbrand™ Papel de protección de superficie de grado 604

Designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. Fisherbrand™ Grade 604 Surface Protection Paper guards against damage from acids, toxic, corrosive and radioactive fluids and impacts. X100 PAPER PROTECTN 604 420X520

Alfa Aesar™ Waterflame Microwelder Accessory, Atomizer

For use with Waterflame Microwelder Atomizer, for the microwelder

Thermo Scientific™ Virtuoso™ Multiple Vial Holder

Print sample data directly on up to 10 vials sequentially for higher throughput using the Thermo Scientific™ Virtuoso™ Multiple Vial Holder. VIRTUOSO MULTI VIAL HOLDER PACK OF FIVE