Electroforesis, inmunotransferencia y ELISA

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Standard Binding NeutrAvidin Coated Plates

Capture biotinylated antibodies or probes for ELISA and other target-specific assays with pre-blocked NeutrAvidin protein-coated plates. X5 PIERCE NEUTRAVIDIN C-96W,B

Invitrogen™ Novex™ NuPAGE™ Transfer Buffer (20X)

Use to transfer proteins from NuPAGE Novex gels to membranes for Western blotting NP TRANSFER BUF (20X)

Thermo Scientific™ Sustrato para inmunotransferencia (Western Blotting) de ECL Pierce™

Value-priced, entry-level peroxidase substrate for enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) that directly replaces costlier products without the need to re-optimize conditions. 500ML PIERCE ECL WESTERN BLOTTING (32106) LITL18 Promotion

Mouse Myeloperoxidase ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay mouse Myeloperoxidase (MPO) levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. Myeloperoxidase ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

Human TRAIL R3 TNFRSF10C ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay human TRAIL R3 TNFRSF10C levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. TRAIL R3 TNFRSF10C ELISA Kit, Human (96 assays)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ phosphoELISA™ AKT1 [pS473] Human Ultrasensitive ELISA Kit

Designed to detect and quantify level of AKT protein phosphorylated at serine residue 473 AKT1 ¢PS473! HS ELISA KIT

Human Endostatin ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay human Endostatin levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. Endostatin ELISA Kit, Human (96 assays)

CDK7/9tide Substrate

CDK7/9tide Substrate CDK7/9TIDE 1 ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Maleic Anhydride (Amine-binding) Plates

Bind amine-containing peptides and other molecules to microplate wells for use in binding assays with these maleic anhydride-activated plates. X5 AMINE-BIND MALEIC ANHYDRIDE C96

Thermo Scientific™ SuperSignal™ Western Blotting Kits

Combines SuperSignal West Pico substrate with HRP-conjugated rabbit or mouse secondary antibodies for a convenient, easy-to-use Western blot detection kit. SUPERSIGNAL WEST PICO MOUSE IGG

Thermo Scientific™ myECL™ Imager Accessories and Replacement Parts

Document and analyze images of blots and gels using a sensitive and easy-to-use system with an intuitive touchscreen interface and advanced integrated software. Bandpass filter for myECL imager threaded red600nm to 640nm

Invitrogen™ Novex™ ZOOM™ IEF Disk pH 6.2

Pre-cast polyacrylamide gels that eliminate the need for manual preparation and minimize any chance of cross contamination X10 ZOOM DISK 6.2

FisherBiotech™ 25-Tooth Comb for Owl™ P2-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster

25-Tooth Comb for Owl™ P2-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster COMB 0,8MM 25 WELLS ADJ2/P2/P10

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Recombinant Protein G and Conjugates

Detect mouse and human antibodies, especially IgG isotypes, in immunoassays with this purified, biotinylated or peroxidase-conjugated recombinant Protein G. 500MG PIERCE RECOMBINANT PROTEIN G

Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBind™ Cards

For use with the iBind Western Device X10 iBind(TM) Cards

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ S6 In-Cell ELISA Kit

Measure total and phosphorylated ribosomal S6 protein (phospho-S6) using S6 antibodies detected by fluorescence or TMB substrate in these whole-cell microplate assays. PIERCE S6 NEAR-INFRARED IN-CELL ELISA KIT STOREin fridge at 4C

Hamster Armenian IgG Isotype Control, Invitrogen™

Hamster Armenian IgG Isotype Control, PA5-33220, from Invitrogen™. Antibody,Hamster Armenian IgG Negative ControlIsotype, host Hamster , isotype IgG

Tween 20 Blocking Buffer, 0.5% in PBS, 10X

2LT Tween 20 blocking buffer, 0.5% in PBS (10X) 2

Human Thrombospondin 1 ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay human Thrombospondin 1 levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples. Thrombospondin 1 ELISA Kit, Human (96 assays)

Agarose (Intermediate Melting/PCR Grade), Fisher BioReagents

100GR Agarose, intermediate melting, (PCR grade)

Thermo Scientific™ Conjugados y proteína A/G recombinante Pierce™

Detect antibodies, especially IgG isotypes, from many different species hosts with this purified, alkaline phosphatase- or peroxidase-conjugated recombinant Protein A/G.

Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBlot™ 2 Nitrocellulose Transfer Stacks

Used to transfer proteins with the iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device X10 IBLOT NC GEL TRANSFER STACKS (IB23001) LITL18Promotion

Mouse TIMP-1 (lysates) ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay mouse TIMP-1 (lysates) levels in tissue lysates, cell lysates samples TIMP-1 ELISA kit, mouse (96 assays)

Canine IL-8 (CXCL8) ELISA Kit, Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™

Assay canine IL-8 (CXCL8) levels in cell culture supernatants, plasma, serum samples IL-8 (CXCL8) ELISA Kit, Canine (96 assays)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ 10-20% Tricine Protein Gels, 1.0mm, 15 well

Useful for resolving low molecular weight proteins and peptides X10 10-20% TRICINE GEL 1.0MM 1

Thermo Scientific™ anti-Interleukin 6 Recombinant, Thermo Scientific™

Interleukin 6 Recombinant protein SIL6 from Thermo Scientific™ specifically detects Interleukin 6 in Not Applicable samples, and it is validated for Control, ELISA and WB HUMAN IL-6 ELISA ST&ARD

Alfa Aesar™ Stripping Buffer-3, 4X

500ML Stripping buffer-3 (4X)

Streptavidin Protein, DyLight 800, Invitrogen™

Streptavidin Protein, DyLight 800 conjugate, 21851, from Invitrogen™, 21851, from Invitrogen™ Species Reactivity: ; Applications: ELISA, Immunocytochemistry, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation, Western Blot. DYLIGHT 800 CONJUGATED - STREP 1ML

Thermo Scientific™ HIF-1 alpha ELISA Kit, Human

Contains sufficient reagents and buffers to assay HIF-1 alpha (hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha) levels in serum, plasma (EDTA, heparin, sodium citrate), and culture lysate Human HIF-1 alpha ELISA Kit,2x96 well plate kit