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ResourcesAbout MBP

MBP is the leading provider of disposable lab supplies to the Life Science Industry, serving Molecular Biologists in the Biotech, Academic and Pharmaceutical workplace.

Founded in 1987, MBP's metamorphosis from a small distributorship into a world class manufacturing company was based on an innovative, patented product design: the introduction of the ART (Aerosol Resistant Tip) opened a new segment within the liquid handling market and launched the company to the forefront as a leading manufacturer of high quality pipette tips. Continual innovations and patents focused in the area of controlling contamination associated with handling samples in the molecular biology workplace, a set mission of selling high quality products through distribution and a culture of continuous process improvements.

Key Products:

ART Brand Pipettor Tips

Aerosol resistant tips with a unique, patented, self-sealing filter that prevents aerosols and liquids from contaminating pipettors as well as preventing carryover contamination in samples. Only MBP can offer you this unique technology in a patented tip. Now available in environmentally friendly reload packaging.

BioRobotix Brand Pipettor Tips

An extensive range of tips for major manufacturers automated liquid handling workstations. BioRobotix tips are tested during manufacture and befroe final lot release to 15 quality control parameters. Types include Tecan, Beckman, Perlin-Elmer, Caliper, Qiagen.

DNA and Rnase AWAY decontaminates

The fast and effective way to remove DNA and Rnase contamination. These ready-to-use solution in bottles and spray are easy and safe to use. RNase AWAY and DNA AWAY are also available in handy wipes in 25-wipe canisters and in 35-pack moist towelettes; this convenient packaging alleviates the over-spraying of decontaminants on potentially sensitive equipment, reagents and samples. Researchers sharing expensive instrumentation in laboratories and core facilities can now decontaminate their instrumentation and workspaces more effectively.