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Thermo Scientific™ SureQuant™ IP-MS Sample Preparation Kits

Thermo Scientific SureQuant IP-MS Sample Preparation Kits provide an optimized solution for the immunoprecipitation and MS peptide preparation of samples upstream of LC-MS/MS analysis.

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Thermo Scientific SureQuant IP-MS Sample Preparation kits (Protein A/G or streptavidin) provide an optimized solution for the immunoprecipitation and MS peptide preparation of samples upstream of LC-MS/MS analysis. These kits have been rigorously verified using numerous multiplexed target antigens with varying expression levels. The SureQuant product family enables the use of the immunoprecipitation (IP) sample prep kits and peptide quantitation modules together or independently for SRM/PRM analysis.

Complete—kits include reagents for successful immunoprecipitation and MS peptide preparation for target proteins for SRM/PRM analysis
Multiplex—IP-MS kits have been designed for multiplex IP using both Protein A/G and Streptavidin magnetic beads
Flexible—universal reagents enable individualized selection of targets for IP to be used alone or combined with SureQuant peptide quantitation panels
Optimized—simplified and condensed procedure to prepare samples for LC-MS analysis
Low background—binding, wash, and elution buffers optimized to remove contaminants and minimize enrichment of background proteins

The SureQuant Protein A/G and Streptavidin IP-MS Sample Preparation kits have been designed to support targeted quantitation using SureQuant or SRM/PRM analysis. The kits contain high-quality Pierce Protein A/G or Streptavidin magnetic beads together with reagents that have been optimized for MS compatibility. The streamlined procedure enables digestion immediately after the immunoprecipitation elution step, facilitating MS sample preparation in ∼4 hours for same-day LC-MS/MS analysis.

• Enrichment of low abundance targets to improve MS sensitivity
• Identification of target proteins that are not detectable by western blotting
• Quantitation of target proteins by LC-MS analysis
• Screening of antibodies for IP-MS
• Enrichment of target proteins upstream of targeted analysis (SRM)



Streptavidin Magnetic Beads
Mass spectrometer
Store trypsin at 4°C.
Store trypsin storage solution at -20°C.
Mass Spectrometry
20 Reactions
Trypsin Protease, 2 x 20 µg
Trypsin Storage Solution, 250 µL
Streptavidin Magnetic Beads, 1 mL
IP-MS Cell Lysis Buffer, 100 mL
IP-MS Wash Buffer A, 75 mL
IP-MS Wash Buffer B, 40 mL
IP Elution and MS Sample Prep Buffer, 10 mL
Alkylation Solution, 1 mL/vial
Low Protein-Binding Collection Tubes, 50 x 1.5 mL
Bond-Breaker™ TCEP Solution, Neutral pH, 0.5 mL
10% Pierce™ Trifluoroacetic Acid (TFA), Sequencing Grade, 0.5 mL
Cells, Tissue
Sample prep enrichment
MS-compatible immunoprecipitation


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