Laboratory Hoods and Enclosures

Telstar™ AV-100 Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

The AV-100 Vertical Laminar Flow Bench, with 1 HEPA filter for down flow, allows operation in sterile and particle-free conditions due to the continuous flushing of the working area by a unidirectional vertical and ultrafiltered air flow, thus assuring full product protection. CABINA FLUJO LAMINAR AV 10

Telstar™ AV-30/70 Vertical Laminar Flow Bench

The AV-30/70 Vertical Laminar Flow Bench, with 2 HEPA filters, 70% down flow and 30% exhaust, provides underpressure conditions in the working area, therefore giving a good protection level to the product, to the operator as well as environment. CABINA F.LAMINAR VERT 30/7

Telstar™ Mini-V/PCR

Delivers an ultra clean laminar airflow over the working bench to protect manipulated products from dust, from environment contamination and from cross contamination in the working area. Telstar™ Mini-V/PCR includes a built–in UV light with timer is particularly suitable for PCR process to denaturate oligonucleotide contaminants. CABINA MINIV/PCR CON UV

Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Ideal vertical laminar flow hood for laboratories working in microbiology and molecular biology. Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood features a working tray and back panel of stainless steel. CABINA 75CM DE RECICLAJE GEMINI

UVP Cabina para PCR UV con enchufe de Reino Unido

Use these PCR systems for PCR preparation and amplification and microbial research. UVP™ PCR Cabinets bring together UV irradiation and antimicrobial metal surfaces to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. PCR Cabinet UVP UV1 ultraviolet sterilising(chamber only) 230V 50-60Hz with 2 x 3-pin UK

Equip Labo™ Fume Cupboard

CORROSIVE FUME HOOD 120X80X155CMClase B segun norma NFX 15-210

Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box

Economical glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box. Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box top and bottom are sealed using a revolutionary new gel. CAMARA GUANTES LA PETITE

FTM Technologies™ Overhead Fume Hood

Dedicated to the capture of light fumes and solvents emanating from the workstation. FTM Technologies™ Overhead Fume Hoods completely free up benchtop working space in the laboratory.

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Glove Box Accessory, Iris Port Entry

SP Scienceware™ Bare Hand Entry (Iris) Port allows bare hnd entry and operation. KIT 2 IRIS

Thermo Scientific™ Protectores de superficie Versi-Dry™

Los protectores de superficie Versi-Dry® tienen un resistente reverso de polietileno que ofrece protección frente a los productos químicos más agresivos. X350 VERSIDRY BLANCO 46X51 CM

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System

The operator and the external environment are protected with the SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System, a lightweight, self-contained portable isolation cabinet. Glove box portable acrylic 686mm (w) x 330mm (d)x 559mm (h) Scienceware, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Labconco™ XPert™ Nano Enclosures: 3ft. Width Without Built-in Ionizer

Keep hazardous powders and particulates contained during procedures with a Labconco XPert™ Nano Enclosure. Enclosure 910mm x 740mm x 970mm (w x d x h)XPert Nano Labconco ULPA

Labconco™ Protector™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Glove boxes provide a leak-tight environment for work with contamination-sensitive materials AUTO STAINLESS STEEL GLOVE BOX

Erlab™ Campana extractora con filtro y sin conductos Captair Smart

Fácil de utilizar. La filtración Flex exclusiva de la campana extractora con filtro y sin conductos Erlab Captair puede gestionar la mayoría de las aplicaciones de laboratorio. CAPTAIR SMART 391

Equip Labo™ Polypropylene Laboratory Fume Hood

Rich, robust, reliable laboratory fume hood made of polypropylene material. PP FUME HOOD 150X80X185

Plas Labs™ Glove Box 890-Thc/Dt/Exp


Plas Labs™ Glove Box, 830-ABC

Compact analytical glove box that minimizes drafts and maximizes balance effectiveness. Plas Labs™ Glove Box, 830-ABC features cleanliness, safety, complete containment, portability, and a draft-free atmosphere. CAJA DE GUANTES COMPACTA 320L

Labconco™ Soportes base telescópicos con ruedas

Ofrece movilidad para distancias cortas y permite acceder a la parte posterior del soporte para tareas de mantenimiento o servicio técnico Base stand 1,524mm x 1,016mm Labconco

UVP Estación de trabajo para reacción en cadena de la polimerasa (PCR) HEPA UV3 con enchufe de Reino Unido

Use these PCR systems for PCR preparation and amplification and microbial research. UVP™ UK-plug HEPA UV3 PCR Workstations bring together UV irradiation and antimicrobial metal surfaces to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. PCR workstation UVP UV3 with HEPA filtration and

Erlab™ Captair™ Flow 483 Series Laminar Flow Hood

Providing an ultra-clean and dust-free work area for applications such as non-pathogenic cell cultures, In-vitro cultures, microbiology, homeopathic preparations, electronics and optics. CABINA CAPTAIR FLOW 483

Grant Instruments™ Stainless Steel PCR UV Cabinet

Disinfects the working area chamber, inactivating DNA / RNA fragments during 15-30 minutes of exposure. Grant Instruments™ Stainless Steel PCR UV Cabinet is equipped with a high efficiency flow-type bactericidal UV cleaner-recirculator which provide constant decontamination inside the cabinet during operation. STAINLESS STEEL UV CABINET

Grant Instruments™ UV Cabinet

UVT-B-AR Economy bench-top model for protection against contamination during a variety of DNA/RNA procedures, with dual UV lamp protection. PCR UV CABINET

Plas Labs™ Guantera modelo 818 Basic

The Plas Lab Model 818 Basic Glove Box is a basic model that fits general laboratory isolation applications, but is easily modified for more specialized uses. CAJA DE GUANTES ATM CONTROLADA

Labconco™ Accesorio para cierre sin conductos Paramount™, soportes telescópicos

Para su uso con la carcasa sin conductos Paramount™. La carcasa sin conductos Labconco™ Paramount™ con soporte telescópico y ruedas se puede ajustar para ocho posiciones de altura antes de la instalación. Base stand 610mm x 1,016mm Labconco

Thermo Scientific™ Soportes de suelo para cabinas de flujo laminar Heraguard™ ECO

Elija entre soportes de suelo fijos, manuales y ajustables eléctricamente para la cabina de flujo laminar Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO. Foot rest not to be used with electric stand baran KFS 19 und KFS 209

Erlab™ Benchtop for Captair™ Flex Fume Hood


GE Healthcare Protectores de superficie Benchkote™

Minimice el desorden y la contaminación durante los derrames. El material Benchkote Whatman™ tiene una capa de papel de laboratorio absorbente de alta calidad y suave que absorbe los derrames de líquidos. Una segunda capa laminada de polietileno evita el flujo continuo hacia la superficie de trabajo. ROLLO 50M BENCHKOTE L46CM

Suction Plate