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Unity Lab Services™ Start-up Service (BSC without Prefilter)

Start-up service for new biosafety cabinet without prefilter; Excludes major assembly; Includes certification for NSF 49 in US and EN12469 in Europe; In UK, an appropriate KI test (BSCKI15S or BSCKI18L) must be added

Marca:  Unity Lab Services™ STARTBSC

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Assembly, set-up, and started-up as per user manual is a requirement to maintain warranty.



  • The appliance must be unpacked and installed in its place of use, by the customer, before the technician arrives; excludes major assembly (stacking of heavy CO2 incubators and shakers, assembly of biosafety cabinet stands and positioning cabinet on stands)
  • Includes certification of biosafety cabinets for NSF 49 in US and EN12469 in Europe; in UK, an appropriate KI test (BSCKI15S or BSCKI18L) must be added
  • Customer should ensure that site is properly prepared, ahead of time, including supply sources and connections
  • Includes travel and labor unless extensive travel is needed
  • All additional works, as i.e. waiting time or correctional works, will be invoiced additionally according to our recent valid service pricelist

Thermo Fisher Scientific engineer will perform the following tasks, upon arrival, depending on the specific equipment:

  • Check that the equipment has been handled and assembled as per the user manual
  • Check for proper clearances from obstacles, walls, other equipment, doorways, windows, air vents, and source of excessive light, heat, air flow
  • Stabilize, balance, anchor, connect to pre-installed wall mounts (excluding seismic anchors) with the appropriate hardware
  • Ground, and connect to the proper power supply and other equipment suits via proper connections
  • Connect to flammable and pressured gas sources, tanks, water source, with proper fittings, lines, tubing and other hardware
  • Execute manufacturer’s user manual instructions
  • Connect factory-installed safety devices such as alarms, back-up systems
  • Ensure that keypad, controls, service menu and user interface are working
  • Setup of user operating profiles
  • Explain operating, maintenance and cleaning requirements and procedures
  • Explain warranty and service plan options
  • Review annual preventative maintenance purchase options and schedule it appropriately


Biosafety Cabinets without Prefilter
1 Day
Start-up Service
Start-up Service
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New quipment has to be fully assembled in operating position ready to be turned on prior start-up service.