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Gibco™ Activin A Recombinant Human Protein

Activin A Recombinant Human Protein

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Recombinant Human Activin A is a bioactive protein intended for use in cell culture applications. Activin A is involved in multiple biological processes including inflammation, neural development, and haematopoiesis.

  • High purity—no interference from other proteins or contaminants
  • High biological activity—more results with less protein
  • Proven compatibility—Gibco™ proteins bioassayed with Gibco™ media

    High purity recombinant bioactive protein
    Recombinant Human Activin A is one of our more than 250 available Gibco™ recombinant proteins. To help ensure Gibco™ growth factors are of the highest quality, each protein is analyzed for purity along with structural homogeneity to ensure a biologically active protein.

    High biological activity
    In-house activity testing of Gibco™ Recombinant Proteins includes cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, chemotaxis, calcium flux, secondary cytokine up-regulation, induction of surface antigen expression, antiviral, and protease assays. Recombinant Human Activin A specific activity is determined by the dose dependent proliferation of mouse MPC-11 cells.

    Proven compatibility
    Gibco™ proteins are bioassayed with Gibco™ media. Since 1962, Gibco™ has been the consistent provider of high quality media, reagents, and sera for reliable cell culture.

    For Research Use Only. Not intended for animal or human diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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    Cell viability, proliferation and function, mammalian cell culture, stem cell culture, stem cell differentiation
    Activin A Recombinant Human Protein
    >95% by SDS-PAGE
    –5 to –30°C
    1 Each
    Activin A
    Cell culture
    0.5 to 5ng/mL
    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
    Activin A Recombinant Human Protein
    Growth factors and receptors
    Amino acids 116
    Activin A Recombinant Human Protein

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.