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250MG 5'-Aminohexyl Linker Phosphoramidite

Marca:  Thermo Scientific 27-0035-04

250MG 5'-Aminohexyl Linker Phosphoramidite

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Thermo Scientific™ Modifying Phosphoramidites are for the addition of a primary amine to the 5' position of an oligonucleotide or to incorporate an amine within the sequence and Phosphorylating Phosphoramidites are used for addition of a phosphate group to the 3' or 5' position of an oligonucleotide.

Process and Supply Chain Control

  • A controlled raw material supply chain and established vendor partnerships ensure consistency and security of supply
  • Processes are strictly controlled and monitored from material procurement through final QC and product release under ISO9001 standards, providing batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • All modifiers are supplied with lot-specific quality control data including HPLC and phosphorous NMR analyses

Amino Modifiers:

  • The amino modification provides a site for attachment of fluorescent labels such as biotin or NuLight™ esters
  • Oligos with an amino modification can also be attached to surfaces in DNA chip applications
  • The 5' amino modifier amidites are supplied with MMT or TFA protection
  • The MMT modifier allows for trityl-on purification of the resulting oligonucleotide
  • The TFA group is removed during ammonia deprotection


  • The phosphorylating phosphoramidte is for the addition of a phosphate to the 5' or 3' position of the oligonucleotide during standard synthesis protocols

Flexible Packaging:

  • Common pack sizes fit most commercially available synthesizers and are in stock for immediate delivery
  • Custom and bulk packaging, including multikilogram lots, are available




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