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Invitrogen™ Human JAM-A/CD321/F11R ELISA Kit

Human JAM-A/CD321/F11R quantitates human JAM-A/CD321/F11R in serum, plasma, supernatant.

Marca:  Invitrogen™ EH283RBX10

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Human JAM-A/CD321/F11R quantitates human JAM-A/CD321/F11R in serum, plasma, supernatant. The assay will exclusively recognize both natural and recombinant human JAM-A/CD321/F11R.

CD321 (F11R, JAM-1, JAM-A) is a cell-surface adhesion molecule belonging to the Ig superfamily of receptors. CD321 is a 32-41 kD glycoprotein, possessing two extracellular Ig-like domains, a transmembrane region, and a short cytosolic tail. The protein assembles at the membrane as a homodimer, and can associate laterally with other membrane proteins including integrins. CD321 is expressed on a variety of cell types, including leukocytes, platelets, erythrocytes, stem cells, epithelial and endothelial cells, and plays a role in mediating cell-cell contact. CD321 can be found in close proximity to several components of epithelial tight junctions, including ZO-1 and occludin. CD321 is involved in the maintenance of epithelial and endothelial barriers, hematopoiesis, angiogenesis, and tumor proliferation, invasion, and metastasis.


9130004G24; AA638916; BV11 antigen; CD321; ESTM33; F11 R; F11 receptor; F11 receptor/F11R; F11r; JAM; Jam1; JAM-1; JAMA; JAM-A; Jcam; Jcam1; junction cell adhesion molecule A; junction cell adhesion molecule1; junctional adhesion molecule 1; Junctional adhesion molecule A; KAT; Ly106; PAM-1; Platelet adhesion molecule 1; platelet F11 receptor; UNQ264/PRO301
13 pg/mL
Colorimetric Microplate Reader
Research Use Only
2°C to 8°C
1 hr 20 min
13 to 10,000 pg/mL
Pre-coated 96 well plate, Standard, Assay Diluent concentrate, Biotinylated Detection Antibody, SAV-HRP, Wash Buffer, Chromogen, Stop Solution, Adhesive Plate Covers
10 x 96 Tests
Supernatant, 50 μL; Serum, 50 μL; Plasma, 50 μL
JAM-A (CD321)
4 hr 45 min


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