Hearing Protection

3M™ Auriculares de seguridad PELTOR™ ProTac™ III

Ayuda a proteger frente a los ruidos nocivos pero permite oír sonidos ambiente a un nivel inferior a 82 dB. Slim Headset, black, with headband 3M PELTOR ProTac III

3M™ Peltor™ X2A Over-the-Head Earmuffs

3M™ Peltor™ X2A Over-the-Head Earmuffs, Hearing Conservation ,10 EA/Case EAR MUFF PELTOR X2 YELLOW

Honeywell™ Orejeras Howard Leight™ Viking™

Wear over/behind-the-head or under-the-chin CASCOS ANTIRUIDO VIKING SNR 30 DB

Honeywell™ Orejeras Howard Leight™ Clarity™ C3

Improve worker safety by blocking noise, while voice and signal frequencies can be heard more naturally CASCO CLARITY C3 SNR 33DB

3M™ Tapones de espuma para los oídos

Fabricados con material hipoalergénico para ofrecer la máxima protección y comodidad. Los tapones de espuma para los oídos 3M cuentan con reducción del ruido nominal (NRR): 29 dB X100 PAIR EAR PLUG 1110 WITH CORD

3M™ Frasco de recarga de tapones para los oídos de poliuretano

Provides excellent hearing protection and all-day comfort. 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs Refill Bottle gives wearers easy access in work and leisure activities.
X500PR Ear plug refill 3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neon

3M™ Peltor™ X-Series Ear Muffs

Proporcionan un nivel de moderado a muy alto de atenuación y cumplen con los requisitos de una amplia gama de aplicaciones industriales. Las orejeras 3M™ Peltor™ X-Series con diseño de diadema doble de alambre aislado proporcionan un mayor equilibrio y comodidad. 3M Peltor X5A Over-the-Head Ear Muffs, Black

3M™ Orejeras PELTOR™ Optime™ II

Developed for demanding, noisy environments and particularly suited for noise levels dominated by low to medium frequencies. 3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ II Ear Muffs provide ideal hearing protection in environments with substantial industrial noise or construction machinery, like airports and agricultural work.

3M™ Orejeras PELTOR™ Optime™ III

Developed for use in extremely high noise environments, particularly those dominated by high frequency sounds. 3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Ear Muffs are based on technology featuring double cup design to help minimize resonance effect, resulting in excellent high frequency attenuation.
Ear muff 3M(TM) Peltor(TM) Optime(TM) III 35dB

Sperian™ Recarga de tapones para los oídos Honeywell™

With a smaller diameter, ideal for workers with smaller ear canals, including women. Sperian™ Honeywell™ MAXLITE™ LS-400 Earplugs Refill have a contoured t-shape to aid in easy insertion and removal from the ear canal.

3M™ Orejeras PELTOR™ Optime™ I

Provides ideal hearing protection against noise arising from a wide range of applications in the workplace and leisure activities. 3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ I Ear Muffs are very lightweight, providing high wearer comfort.

3M™ Peltor™ X4A Over-the-Head Ear Muffs

Extremely slim, high performance EAR MUFF PELTOR X4 GREEN

Honeywell™ Orejeras Howard Leight™ Clarity™ C2

Mejore la seguridad del trabajador al bloquear el ruido, mientras que las frecuencias de señales y la voz se pueden escuchar de forma más natural CASCO CLARITY C2 SNR 30 DB

Honeywell™ Howard Leight™ Clarity™ C1 Earmuffs

Provide uniform attenuation that allows speech frequencies to be heard with less distortion CASCO CLARITY C1 SNR 25 DB

Honeywell™ Howard Leight™ Thunder™ T3 Dielectric Ear Muff


3M™ E-A-R™ EXPRESS™ PodPlugs™ Probed Test Plugs

Y-Harness for mounting a boom microphone to the left earcup and enabling connection to a PTT adapter for two-way radio communication X50 E-A-R Express Pod probed test plug

3M™ PELTOR™ ProTac™ III Headset

For use in level-dependent hearing protection and ambient listening. 3M™ PELTOR™ ProTac™ III Headset provides professional-quality hearing protection. Headset, black, with helmet attachment 3M PELTOR ProTac III

3M™ E-A-R™ UltraTech Earplugs

3M™ E-A-R™ UltraTech Earplugs greatly improve the ability to perceive speech, warning signals and machinery noise whilst reducing harmful noise levels effectively. 1 Pair of E-A-R UltraTech pre-moulded ear plugs

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ I Earmuffs

Ideal for protection against noise arising from a wide range of applications in the workplace and leisure activities. 3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ I Earmuffs offer versatile protection for both short and long duration tasks. X10 PELTOR Optime I Ear Defenders helmet attachment hi-viz

3M™ No-Touch™ Earplugs PN-01-004

3M™ No-Touch™ Earplugs are easy to use, soft, and ready for immediate use right out of the packet. X100 E-A-R No-Touch corded pod plugs

3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs PD-01-009

3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs PD-01-009 made from a soft energy absorbing foam provides excellent hearing protection and all day comfort. 3M E-A-R Classic Refill Ear Plug Bag

3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Probed Test Plugs

3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Probed Test Plugs equipped with a probe tube for fit testing using the 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Validation System. X50 E-A-R Classic probed test plugs

3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ XP Bluetooth™ Headset

3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ XP Bluetooth™ Headset can be up to 10 meters apart and out of visible range without losing contact. PELTOR WS Headset XP ear defenders - neckband / bluetooth / DSP noise cancelling / dark blue

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ Push To Listen Earmuffs

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ Push To Listen Earmuffs are electronic passive earmuffs, which have one passive side and one electronic side. X10 PELTOR Optime Push to Listen Ear Defenders helmet attachment

3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs FP-01-000

3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs FP-01-000 meet environmental needs with its proprietary foam and preferred cylindrical shape. X250 E-A-R Classic 5 pairs ear plugs

3M™ PELTOR™ 28 dB Earmuffs

3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs are ultra light and slim hearing protectors that are ideal for use in forestry, sawmills, and industry. X20 PELTOR Ear Defenders helmet attachment orange

3M™ Red Foldable Earmuffs

3M™ Red Foldable Earmuffs are designed to be comfortable whilst being an economical option for customers. X20 3M 1436 Earmuffs

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Earmuffs

3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III Earmuffs are a high performance hearing protector, developed for use in extremely noise environments like airports, marine engine rooms, power stations and print works. X6 PELTOR Optime III ear defenders helmet attachment for Versaflo M-Series

3M™ PELTOR™ 27dB Orange Earmuffs

3M™ PELTOR™ Earmuffs are ultra light and slim hearing protectors that are ideal for use in forestry, sawmills, and industry. X20 PELTOR Ear Defenders overhead orange