Abrazaderas, pinzas, bases y soportes

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Scaffolding Tubes

Provides for sturdy scaffolding construction in the laboratory. Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Scaffolding Tubes are manufactured from a durable aluminum alloy.
Tube aluminium alloy 2m

Afora™ Soporte Extensible


Fisherbrand™ Tight-Seal™ Clamps

One-piece, reusable nylon clamps for hoses and tubing Schlauchklemmen 18,54 bis 21,08

Thermo Scientific™ Pinza universal para agitador MaxQ™, matraces Erlenmeyer de 25 ml

Mezcle y combine las pinzas universales Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker, disponibles en una amplia variedad de tamaños para adecuarse a las necesidades individuales del laboratorio. Compatibles con las plataformas de agitadores MaxQ. PINZA ERLEN 25ML

R&L Enterprises™ Varillas de acero chapado en cinc

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Zinc Plated Rods are manufactured from mild steel.

Fisherbrand™ 3 nueces de sujeción para varillas de 0-13 mm

Used for fixing three rods or tubes mutually at right angles. Fisherbrand™ Three-Way Swivel Scaffolding Connectors can be tightened by hand. NUEZ DE FIJACION 3 VIAS 0-13MM

R&L Enterprises™ Pinzas con cadena recubiertas de caucho

Provides support for articles from 0 to 150mm in diameter. R&L Enterprises™ Chain Clamps have jaws that are tightened by the use of a plastic-headed tension screw. Clamp chain type 0 - 150mm

RL Enterprises™ Cast Iron Tripod Spread Base

Cast iron tripod spread base complete with rubberfeet blue 100mm

Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Accessories

Integrate Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Accessories with the ECO clean bench to increase the flexibility and enhance operations. UV Option fact.inst. with UV-resistant Night Coverwith UV-resistant night cover

R&L Enterprises™ Soporte de trípode de hierro fundido

An excellent option for supporting retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ A-Shaped Retort Stand Bases are manufactured from cast iron with a chemically resistant blue acrylic paint.

R&L Enterprises™ Soportes de varillas de aleación de aluminio

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Aluminum Alloy Rods are manufactured from aluminum alloy.
X5 Rods, stand aluminium alloy length 600mm, dia 12.5mm

Fisherbrand™ Plane Swivel Scaffolding Connectors

Suitable for making triangular or square frames for supporting large flanged items such as heating mantles and funnels. Fisherbrand™ Plane Swivel Scaffolding Connectors are provided with a steel strap.
Connector scaffolding plane swivel diecast aluminium alloy 6mm to 13mm diameter rod fisherbrand

Thermo Scientific™ Clamps for CO2 Resistant Shaker

Maximize capacity on the Thermo Scientific™ CO2 Resistant Shaker universal platform with a variety of clamps to fit most vessels. Pinzas 1000 ml para MaxQ2000CO2

Thermo Scientific™ Pinzas y fijadores para los baños de agua Precision™

Utilice estas pinzas y fijadores en baños de agua Thermo Scientific™ Precision de agitación recíproca, Dubnoff y de poca profundidad. Test Tube 13mm-25mm (Requires Clip Fastener) for use with shaking water baths

Cole Parmer™ Aluminum Round Support Plate


Thermo Scientific™ Pinzas de plataformas universales para agitadores MaxQ™ 8000

Fije los recipientes con las pinzas de plataformas universales para agitadores Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 8000. PINZA ERLENMEYER 25ML

Fisherbrand™ Connecting Sleeve

Scaffolding connector

Fisherbrand™ Varillas de aleación de aluminio

Provides for sturdy scaffolding construction in the laboratory. Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Rods are manufactured from a durable aluminum alloy. Rod,aluminium alloy plain 900mm

Fisherbrand™ Trípodes de acero inoxidable

Obtain optimum results with this stable and portable stainless steel tripod. Strong and light weight, this Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Tripod features an adjustable height that allows it to be used by most people. FISHERBRAND tripod, stainless steel,overlay triangular 150mm, height 260mm

Fisherbrand™ Conical Joint Clamps

Provides the safest solution for clamping joints. Fisherbrand™ Conical Joint Clamps are manufactured from pure PTFE plastic with totally encapsulated steel springs.

RL Enterprises™ Stand

Base heavy duty h-shape

RL Enterprises™ Anillos Stativ


R&L Enterprises™ Pinzas de 3 dientes de plástico/níquel

Safely and securely holds articles in place in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ 3-Prong Clamps are manufactured from diecast aluminum alloy, actuated by nickel plated brass pummels and plastic headed nickel plated steel twin screw pivoting on a stainless steel pin. PINZA 3 DEDOS

R&L Enterprises™ Pinzas de sujeción

Permite fijar firmemente los artículos de 2 a 90 mm de diámetro. Las pinzas de sujeción R&L Enterprises™ incluyen mordazas de aleación de aluminio con otras partes de latón chapado. X5 Clamp retort stand fisher aluminium alloy for holding dia 2 to 90mm

Fisherbrand™ Placa con soporte

Manufactured to the highest standards. Fisherbrand™ Retort Stand Base can accommodate test tubes for experiments. Base 6890 retort stand, rectangular, single hole M10 thread pressed steel without rod

Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Tubes with End Plugs

Provides for sturdy scaffolding construction in the laboratory. Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Tubes with End Plugs are manufactured from durable stainless steel.  Tube stainless steel 1500mm

Fisherbrand™ Conectores de 2 vías

Used for fixing two rods or tubes at any angle to each other. Fisherbrand™ Two-Way Swivel Scaffolding Connectors can be tightened by hand. NUECES ORIENTABLES 0-13MM

R&L Enterprises™ Anillos de soporte de acero

Provides for ease of connection on ring stands. R&L Enterprises Steel Stand Rings with Rod are manufactured from plated mild steel.
Stand ring 70mm

R&L Enterprises™ Pinzas niqueladas

An excellent option for sealing flexible tubing in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Hoffman Clips are made of nickel plated brass to prevent corrosion.
X10 Clips tubing hoffman type for tubing up to 40mm dia

R&L Enterprises™ Abrazaderas

For ease of connection on ring stands. R&L Enterprises™ Semi-Micro Burette Clamp for Stands comprises two 13mm plastic-coated spring clips mounted 50mm apart on a plate attached to a rod.
Clamp burette for 25 and 50ml burettes