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GE Healthcare Membranas de nitrato de celulosa de tipo WCN

Recomendada para la mayoría de aplicaciones de rutina, esta membrana se ha fabricado en condiciones estrictamente controladas.  Las membranas de nitrato de celulosa de tipo WCN Whatman™ tienen una distribución estrecha del tamaño de poro para ofrecer una captura y análisis de superficie mejorados.

Marca:  GE Healthcare 7182-009

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  • Higher strength and flexibility - Most membranes are inherently brittle and difficult to handle; it is not uncommon for filters to be damaged during loading into holders or while in use. Whatman cellulose nitrate membrane filters have a noticeably improved flexibility and are made to tolerate abuse during handling, loading, and autoclaving without sacrificing integrity. These membranes are among the strongest of their type available, as measured and compared by burst pressure tests.
  • Low extractable levels - The level of extractables in membrane filters has become more important with advances in filtration or adsorption techniques. In particular, pharmaceutical, immunological, and biomedical tissue culture and trace analysis applications can be adversely affected by high extractable levels. Whatman cellulose nitrate membrane filters have a low level of extractables, generally below that of other membranes of a similar type.
  • Narrow pore size distribution - One of the major features of Whatman membrane filters is the narrow distribution of pore sizes. The rated pore size of these membranes is closely controlled due to the advanced manufacturing and control system. Additionally, the batch-to-batch variation is minimized providing more consistent laboratory results.
  • Increased temperature stability - Membrane filters are normally autoclaved at 121°C without loss of integrity. Cellulose nitrate membranes are supplied as circles, sheets, or reels.
  • Reduced shrinkage - Excessive shrinkage can cause problems during autoclaving and is often the cause of membranes tearing in their holders after autoclaving. It may also cause a reduction in flow rate and total throughput. Whatman membranes exhibit a low shrinkage during autoclaving.
  • White plain filters - This is the standard membrane filter for the majority of laboratory applications involving particles and cells in the range of 0.1 µm to 12.0 µm. The residue after filtration is found to be almost completely on the surface of the membrane and allows physical recovery of deposits and microscopic examination.


Nitrato de celulosa
Sterilizing (General); Total bacteria count (Food and beverage QC); Sterile filtration (Tissue culture)