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Thermo Scientific™ Mezcla maestra para PCR directa de tejido Phire™

Amplify DNA directly from variety of human and animal samples with no prior purification with Phire Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix.

Marca:  Thermo Scientific™ F170L

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The Phire Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix has been developed for amplification of DNA directly from a wide variety of tissues obtained from mice, human, fish, birds and insects. The Master Mix containing Phire Hot Start II DNA Polymerase is specially formulated to perform PCR in the presence of different animal tissue-derived inhibitors such as collagen, melanin and eumelanin (hair, skin) or myoglobin (muscle). The kit also includes Thermo Scientific DNARelease Additive, which can be used to improve the release of DNA from difficult tissues.

Direct PCR – sample is added directly to PCR reaction, therefore therese is no need for time-consuming and expensive DNA purification steps
Dilution & Storage protocol available – allows tens of PCR reactions from one tiny sample and allows re-testing
Specially engineered Phire DNA polymerase – extremely short PCR protocol times
Master Mix format with premixed gel loading dye – minimizes possibility of cross-contamination, reduces sample handling and allows direct loading on gel
• Genotyping
• Transgene detection
• Knockout analysis
• Sequencing
• 2X Phire Tissue Direct PCR Master Mix
•Reaction voume with dilution & storage protocol: 20 μL
•Reaction voume with direct protocol: 50 μL
• Dilution Buffer
• DNARelease Additive
• Universal control primer mix (25 μM each)
• Water, nuclease- free
• O'GeneRuler Express DNA Ladder



Genotipado, detección de transgenes, análisis de Knockout, secuenciación
1250 reacciones de 20 μl
Mezcla maestra 2X Phire Tissue Direct PCR, tampón de dilución, aditivo DNARelease, mezcla de primers de control universal (25 μM cada uno), agua sin nucleasas, marcador de ADN O'GeneRuler Express
Guardar todos los componentes del kit a -20 ºC a su llegada. El tampón de dilución también pueden almacenarse a 4 ºC una vez descongelado.