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Thermo Scientific™ Sustrato quimioluminiscente SuperSignal™ West Dura

Luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) HRP substrate with very stable light output for femtogram-level detection with CCD-based imagers.

Marca:  Thermo Scientific™ 37071

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SuperSignal West Dura Extended Duration Substrate for HRP is optimized for high sensitivity and long signal duration, making it ideal for cooled-CCD camera detection systems. Unlike other substrates, whose signal declines to indetectable levels in 30 to 60 minutes, the signal produced with SuperSignal West Dura Substrate is stable for several hours, allowing multiple camera (or film) exposures to be made.


  • ECL substrate – an enhanced chemiluminescent substrate for detection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) activity from antibodies and other Western blot probes

  • 24-hour signal – light emission is stable for 10 times longer than with typical ECL substrates; make multiple exposures to obtain publication-quality blot images

  • Great sensitivity – provides femtogram-level detection; see bands you've never been able to see before

  • Saves on antibody – works best with very dilute antibody concentrations, allowing you to perform 25 to 50 times more blots than with other chemiluminescent substrates

  • High intensity – immediate stable signal generation provides easy detection with compatible imaging system (or x-ray autoradiography film)

  • Reagent stability – 24-hour working solution stability; 1-year kit stability at room temperature



Peroxidasa de rábano picante (HRP)
Soluciones exclusivas de peróxido y luminol
2 blots de minigel; 200 cm2 de membrana
Kit de 20 ml
Sustrato quimioluminiscente de duración ampliada SuperSignal West Dura
Luminol/potenciador, 10 ml, Luminol/Enhancer, 10mL