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Thermo Scientific™ Casetes de diálisis Slide-A-Lyzer™ G2 con MWCO de 2K

Remove buffer salts and contaminants while maximizing sample recovery with these second-generation self-floating protein dialysis cassettes (2K MWCO).

Marca:  Thermo Scientific™ 87718

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These second generation (G2) Slide-A-Lyzer Dialysis Cassettes are free-standing, self-floating and pipette-loadable units for dialysis. The single-use, disposable cassettes are available in five different sizes to accommodated samples between 0.1mL and 70mL. They offer maximum efficiency, convenience and sample protection in one package. Sample loading and removal are easily accomplished by using a serological pipette or hypodermic needle (optional) attached to a syringe. The built-in air chamber provides sample buoyancy and vertical orientation of the cassette during dialysis.

The 2K molecular-weight cutoff (MWCO) cassettes use a cellulose membrane that is rated to completely retain proteins and other macromolecules that are larger than 2000 daltons while allowing removal of buffer salts and small contaminants. The membrane is composed of low-binding regenerated cellulose, and the cassettes are manufactured using clean-room conditions.


  • Easy-loading – pipet-accessible for easy sample loading and retrieval

  • Self-floating – integrated air chambers eliminate the need for float buoys

  • Sturdy construction – ensures the highest possible sample integrity and protection

  • Superior design – thoroughly researched and tested to provide fast and consistent dialysis with maximum sample recovery

  • Multiple sizes – five cassette capacities to optimally match 0.1 to 70mL sample volumes

  • Versatile – ideal for removing low molecular-weight contaminants, performing buffer exchange and desalting

2K Dialysis Membrane Specifications:

Composition: Regenerated cellulose synthesized by the Viscose method Thickness: 0.9 to 1.2mil (22.5 to 30μm) Hydration Required Before Use: 2 minutes

Glycerol Content: None

Sulfur Content: 0.17%

Heavy Metals Content: Trace



Casetes de diálisis Slide-A-Lyzer G2, MWCO de 2K, 3 ml
10 casetes
2000 Da
Casetes de 3 ml de capacidad; 10 casetes
Membrana de celulosa enmarcada en plástico inerte
10 muestras, cada una de 0.5 a 3 ml
3 ml