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Sartorius™ Monitores Biosart™ 100

Diseñados específicamente para el análisis microbiológico de productos farmacéuticos, alimentos, bebidas, agua y otros líquidos. Monitores desechables Sartorius™ Biosart™ 100 estériles con filtro con membrana incorporado y alfombrilla de celulosa listos para su uso. Las líneas de rejilla impresas facilitan el recuento, especialmente para recuentos de bacterias mayores y para microcolonias, pero no influyen en el crecimiento.

Marca:  Sartorius™ 16401-47-06----K

Detalles adicionales : Peso : 1.76800kg

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Provides microbiological analysis of relatively large sample volumes that have a low number of microbes, with membrane filtration being an essential step. Suitable for testing smaller volumes by placing a sample in a few mL of sterile physiological NaCl solution. Specifically designed for microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, water and other liquids. These sterile disposables with an incorporated membrane filter and cellulose pad are ready to use. After filtration, just remove the 100mL funnel to convert the monitor into a petri dish. Culture media for wetting the pad are available in individually sterilized, convenient plastic ampoules. Ready to use filter units designed to be placed onto the bases of a vacuum manifold. Ensures the identification of all colonies.The monitors are available in a variety of different types: Monitors with cellulose nitrate (cellulose ester) membranes, a material which assures effective retention with high flow rates and optimum colony growth. The printed grid lines make the counting easier, especially for higher bacteria counts and for micro-colonies, but does not influence the growth. The three various filter colors, green, white and gray (after wetting black), allow the best contrast to the colonies. Monitors with regenerate cellulose membrane, a material which combines high flow rates with high chemical stability are ideal for bioburden-testing in the veterinary sector, where a lot of products are based on solvents.
  • High flow rate
  • High total throughput
  • Sterile, individually, sterile packaged available
  • Certified membrane filters: meet ISO 7704
  • Available in various colors
  • Without any hydrophobic adhesive areas
  • Validated
  • Ready to connect, easy to use and practical handling features
  • Minimal amount of equipment


4.7 cm
Paquete de 48
Recuento de colonias, pruebas de partículas y microscopía
10 ml
Monitor Biosart™ 100
Nitrato de celulosa
Packaged in trays
ISO 7704
14.5 cm2
100 ml
Nitrato de celulosa
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