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Thermo Scientific™ Columnas para HPLC monolíticas capilares ProSwift™ RP-4H

Para separaciones de LC-MS rápidas y de alta resolución en la identificación de proteínas, el descubrimiento de biomarcadores y aplicaciones de biología de sistemas, utilice columnas para HPLC monolíticas capilares Thermo Scientific™ ProSwift™ RP-4H.

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Each monolith is a single cylindrical polymer rod containing an uninterrupted, interconnected network of flow-through channels of a specific pore size. These large channels and the monolith's nonporous surfaces provide fast mass transfer for the high-resolution and fast protein separations. The monolith morphology results in low operating backpressure, allowing the use of higher linear velocities with minimal loss of resolution.

Advantages of High Resolution at Exceptionally High Flow Rates

  • Highest operational flow rates available
  • High throughput and improved productivity
  • Excellent stability over a wide pH range of 1 to 14
  • Outstanding reproducibility and ruggedness
  • High loading capacity
Fast, Sensitive Protein Separations
  • High speed protein separations
  • High sensitivity for LC-MS
  • High column-to-column reproducibility
  • Wide range of column I.D. and lengths available
  • Superior lifetime
Easy Column Installation
  • Use Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ nanoViper™ Fingertight Fittings
Preconcentrate and Desalt Samples   
  • Precolumns are available to preconcentrate and desalt samples.
  • You can also use Thermo Scientific™ PepSwift™ Trap Columns for preconcentration and desalting of samples consisting of peptides and proteins without negatively impacting the chromatographic performance or recovery of the compounds.
  • Change the selectivity of the separation or improve the trapping efficiency by employing various ion-pairing agents in the loading solvent and/or mobile phases.


Reversed Phase
500 to 3000 nL/min
500 mm
Most common Organic Solvents
Analytical Column
Analytical Column
0.1 mm
Monolith Polymer
1 to 14