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Gibco™ Primary Rat Cortex Neurons

Primary Rat Cortex Neurons

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GIBCO™ Primary Rat Cortex Neurons are isolated from day-18 rat embryos and cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen. Each vial contains 1x10e6 cells⁄ml viable cells (post-thaw). With the cryopreserved Primary Rat Cortex Neurons (E-18), Invitrogen offers neuroscience researchers a flexible, ready-to-use, and quality alternative to acutely isolated neurons. Besides being convenience, these products are developed through vigorous internal research to afford comparable properties, such as viability and cell function, with cells that are acutely isolated. They are also highly pure cells containing minimum amount of astrocytes and other glial cells, and are with minimal lot-to-lot variability because of large single lot manufacturing. Unlike the other commercially available primary rat neurons that generally yield about 30% or lower post-thaw viability, Invitrogen cells consistently give post-thaw viability in the range of 50-80%.


Liquid Nitrogen
Liquid Nitrogen
Mammalian cell culture, primary cell culture
Gibco Primary Rat Cortex Neurons, 1mL, Cryopreserved, Rat Species, Fetal Age, Neuronal Cells (Pre-Natal) Cell Type, Pooled Source, Liquid Nitrogen Storage, For Mammalian Cell Culture, Primary Cell Culture
Neuronal Cells (Pre-Natal)
Primary Rat Cortex Neurons
Adherent cell culture

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.