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Thermo Scientific™ Sustratos TMB Pierce™

Sustratos de peroxidasa de rábano picante (HRP) para ELISA que cambian de color azul a amarillo al añadir una solución de parada de ácido sulfúrico o fosfórico.

Marca:  Thermo Scientific™ 34029

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TMB (3,3',5,5' tetramethylbenzidine) is a chromagen that yields a blue color when oxidized with hydrogen peroxide (catalyzed by HRP) with major absorbances at 370 and 652nm. The color then changes to yellow (measured at 450nm) upon addition of sulfuric or phosphoric acid to stop the reaction. TMB is very sensitive and more quickly oxidized than other HRP substrates, resulting in faster color development. Unlike other commercially available substrates, these products contain no DMF or DMSO. There are three formulations that differ primarily in their sensitivities. Slow TMB is intermediate in sensitivity, ideal for kinetic readings. The sensitivity of the Turbo TMB compares to that of OPD used at approximately 1mg/mL. Ultra TMB-ELISA produces the highest signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity in the picogram range.


  • Ready-to-use solutions
  • No hydrogen peroxide required
  • No filtering required
  • Noncarcinogenic
  • Various sensitivities to suit any assay

1-Step TMB Substrates

  • Ready-to-use, one-component substrates
  • Do not require hydrogen peroxide
  • Noncarcinogenic
  • Do not contain DMF or DMSO
  • Available in three formulations that vary by sensitivity

TMB Substrate Kit

  • More sensitive than OPD in endpoint ELISAs
  • Easy to use
  • Provides results in seconds


TMB Substrate Kit (PI-34021): Peroxidase substrate, 200mL; Peroxide solution, 200mL



1 l
Solución de sustrato para ELISA con 1-Step Ultra TMB Pierce
Solución exclusiva lista para su uso de 3,3‘,5,5'-tetrametilbencidina
250 ml de sustrato 1X (25 ensayos de microplacas)