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Thermo Scientific™ Concentrador de proteínas Pierce™ PES

Los concentradores de proteínas Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ PES son dispositivos de centrifugación que proporcionan un procesamiento rápido y una excelente recuperación de muestras de proteínas.

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The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ concentrators are easy-to-use centrifugal devices that provide fast processing and excellent recovery of protein samples. These disposable ultrafiltration devices contain a polyethersulfone (PES) membrane for the concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange of biological samples, such as tissue culture media, antiserum, monoclonal antibody preparations, and chromatography fractions. They can also be used to remove unincorporated label following protein modification reactions. 

The PES membrane in these devices is available in five distinct molecular-weight cutoffs (MWCO) of 3K, 5K, 10K, 30K, and 100K, and can be used for processing sample volumes from 100 μL to 100 mL. The MWCOs are etched on the sides of the concentrators for easy identification, while a clear window with graduations on the side of each device allows for visual determination of the concentrated sample (retentate) volume. The unique design provides reliable and consistent results. Multiple device sizes are available to handle maximum sample volumes of 0.5 mL, 6 mL, 20 mL, and 100 mL.
  • Rapid processing—unique design minimizes membrane fouling and sample concentration of 10- to 30-fold can be achieved in 5–30 minutes for 10K MWCO (device dependent—times may vary for other MWCO’s), even with particle laden solutions.
  • High recovery—retain >90% of protein samples while removing contaminants or exchanging buffers.
  • Convenient—clear markings, wide sample chamber and removable filtrate chamber make handling simple and easy.
  • Instrument compatible—can be used with standard centrifuges utilizing either fixed-angle or swinging-bucket rotors.


Concentrador de proteínas, columna de centrifugación, de 5 a 20 ml, 24 reacciones, columna de 50 ml, cónico, MWCO de 30K, membrana de polietersulfona, filtración para proteómica, purificación de proteínas y aislamiento, concentración, diálisis, desalinización e intercambio de tampones de muestras biológicas
Biología de proteínas, aislamiento y purificación de proteínas, concentración, diálisis, desalinización e intercambio de tampones de muestras biológicas
24 reacciones
Concentrador de proteínas
30 kDa
De 5 a 20 ml