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Pierce™ ECL Plus Western Blotting Substrate

Acridan-based chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent HRP substrate for Western blot detection using X-ray film or CCD- or laser-based imagers.

Marca:  Thermo Scientific Pierce 32132

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Pierce ECL Plus Substrate is a chemiluminescent and chemifluorescent substrate to detect peroxidase activity from HRP-conjugated antibodies and probes by Western blotting using X-ray film, CCD camera documentation systems or laser-based imagers. Pierce ECL Plus Substrate generates acridinium esters when it reacts with HRP. As these ester intermediates react with peroxide, they produce a strong and sustained chemiluminescent signal that can be captured by X-ray film CCD imaging. The substrate also produces a robust fluorescent signal that can be captured with fluorescence imagers. Pierce ECL Plus Substrate enables the detection of low-picogram amounts of target protein on nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane when probed with appropriate primary and secondary antibody concentrations. Its broad dynamic range, high sensitivity and long-lasting signal make Pierce ECL Plus Substrate an excellent choice for Western blotting.


  • Easy to use — can be substituted for the discontinued GE ECL Plus Substrate without any re-optimization

  • Higher sensitivity — detect targets down to the low-picogram level

  • Longer signal duration — sustained light output for as long as five hours

  • More imaging options — X-ray, CCD or laser-based imagers

  • More affordable — high quality and performance at a lower price than other suppliers« similar substrates



Protein biology, protein assays and analysis, western blotting
Pierce ECL Plus Western Blotting Substrate, ECL Plus Western Blotting Substrate, 100mL, Chemiluminescent Detection Method, HRP Substrate, Chemical Substrate, Easy-to-use, Higher Sensitivity, Longer Signal Duration, 4°C Storage Temperature, Used for Protein Assays and Analysis, Western Blotting
Proprietary acridan and peroxide solutions
Detection Reagent A, 100mL, Detection Reagent B, 2.5mL
1 Each
10 mini-gel blots; 1000cm2 of membrane
ECL Plus Western Blotting Substrate
100mL kit
2° to 8°C, 4°C