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Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Coated Plate IP Kits

Perform immunoprecipitation assays without resins, beads, centrifugation or magnets using coated streptavidin or Protein A/G 96-well microplates.

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These coated microplate immuunoprecipiation kits provide for rapid immunoprecipitation of multiple samples without the usual tedium of pipetting, centrifuging and separating beaded affinity resin in individual microcentrifuge tubes. Immunoprecipitation is accomplished using coated 96-well microplates rather than beaded agarose resin. The plate format allows for faster processing of multiple samples. The Protein A/G Coated Plate Kit can be used for immunoprecipation with any antibody that binds to Protein A or G. The Streptavidin Coated Plate Kit is for immunoprecipitation with biotinylated IP antibodies.


  • Ready-to-use, high quality coated plates provide high capacity and consistency
  • Accommodate antibody and sample volumes comparable to tube-based methods
  • Easily recover immunoprecipitated samples for downstream analysis
  • Coated plates are 96-well strip plates, convenient for experiments requiring only a partial plate
  • Include simple instructions, including detailed explanation of appropriate controls
  • Two kits available, suitable for most common antibody types (mouse, rabbit, human and goat IgG subclasses) or any biotinylated antibody or bait protein

Advantages of the Plate Format:

  • Best suited for simultaneously processing multiple samples and their control conditions
  • Allows faster, easier and more thorough washing than with traditional tube/resin IP methods
  • Makes use of familiar and convenient ELISA tools (multichannel pipettors and plate washing)
  • No no tubes to open and close, and no centrifugation required

Protein A/G Kit (Part No. 45350)

  • Binds all human IgG subclasses; human IgM, IgA (weak), and IgE; and all mouse IgG subclasses
  • Offers increased binding for mouse monoclonal antibodies compared to Protein A or Protein G alone
  • Free of pH dependency when binding IgGs, providing more flexible binding conditions

Streptavidin Kit (Part No. 45360)

  • Used in combination with biotinylated antibodies, resulting in IP and co-IP preparations free of interfering antibody fragments
  • Contains biotin-blocking buffer to minimize endogenous biotin binding


Coated 96-well strip plates, uncoated 96-well strip plates, PBS pack, detergent solution, elution buffer, neutralization buffer and sealing tape

Recommended for:

Rapid, trouble-free immunoprecipitation of multiple samples and their controls; Immunoprecipitation when plate-based tools and techniques are preferred



Pierce Streptavidin Coated Plate IP Kit
Uncoated 96-well Strip Plate (white), 2 plates, Surfact-Amps X-100 Detergent Solution, 6 x 10mL Elution Buffer (pH 2.8), 50mL, Sealing Tape for 96-well Plates, 18 sheets, Streptavidin Coated 96-well Strip Plates, 2 plates, Biotin Blocking Buffer, 2 x 15mL, Neutralization Buffer, 12mL, PBS Pack (makes 500mL), 1 pack
Assaying 48 samples with controls or 192 total IP reactions
Multi-component kit
2 plate kit