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MP Biomedicals™ Pepsin, MP Biomedicals™

Used to digest proteins. Pepsin, MP Biomedicals is an acid protease with a proteolytic enzyme. It contains the cathepsin component which curdles milk. It has a broad range of substrate activity and demonstrates an esterase acitivity. It generally attacks

Marca:  MP Biomedicals™ 0210259891

Detalles adicionales : CAS : 9001-75-6 Peso : 1.00000kg

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Pepsin is a peptidase and the major proteolytic enzyme produced in the stomach. It is used to digest proteins through the cleavage of interior peptide linkages. It is commonly used in the preparation of Fab fragments from antibodies. Pepsin from porcine gastric mucosa has been used to hydrolyze dry cervical samples in mice.

  • Pepsin hydrolyzes peptide bonds, not amide or ester linkages
  • Pepsin cleaves peptides with an aromatic acid on either side of the peptide bond
  • Sulfur-containing amino acids increase susceptibility to hydrolysis when they are close to the peptide bond
  • Pepsin preferentially cleaves at the carboxyl side of phenylalanine and leucine and at the carboxyl side of glutamic acid residues
  • Cleaves Phe-Val, Gln-His, Glu-Ala, Ala-Leu, Leu-Tyr, Tyr-Leu, Gly-Phe, Phe-Phe and Phe-Tyr bonds in the β chain of insulin