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Invitrogen™ NA-XTD™ Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Reagent Set, no plates included

Next-generation chemiluminescence-based assay for long-lived emission kinetics for quantitation of influenza neuraminidase inhibitor resistance. Thermo Scientific NA-XTD Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Kit can be used for virus quantitation in media samples

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Includes: Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Kit includes 1000X NA-XTD Substrate, NA Sample Prep Buffer, NA-XTD Assay Buffer, NA-XTD Accelerator and 10 detection microplates Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Reagent Set includes 1000X NA-XTD Substrate, NA Sample Prep Buffer



The NA-XTD kit includes detection reagents and microplates, eliminating the need for luminometers equipped with a reagent injector, and improving ease-of-use. This kit also includes complete assay protocols for quantitating sensitivity to neuraminidase inhibitors in various influenza virus isolates including: human influenza types A and B, A/H1N1 pandemic, avian, equine and porcine viruses.
  • Superior performance - improved, long-lived light emission kinetics and read-time flexibility
  • High sensitivity - high assay signal-to-noise, detection of low-virus concentrations, and wide assay dynamic range
  • Simple instrumentation requirement - no reagent injectors or luminometer needed
  • Multiple applications - neuraminidase inhibitor IC50 assays and cell-based virus quantitation
Long-Lived Light Emission Kinetics and Read-Time Flexibility
The NA-XTD assay yields much longer-lived light emission kinetics than does the NA-Star assay, eliminating the need for luminometer instrumentation with reagent injectors and enabling read-time flexibility and batch-mode processing of assay plates. NA-XTD assay signal half-life is approximately 2 hours, longer than the 5-10 minute half-life of the NA-Star assay signal. IC-50 values determined from data collected immediately or up to 3 hours following addition of NA-XTD Accelerator solution are identical.
High Sensitivity
The NA-XTD chemiluminescent assay provides higher detection sensitivity (better low-end detection limit), higher assay signal-to-noise ratio, and wider assay dynamic range than fluorescent assays with the MUNANA substrate. The NA-XTD assay also typically demonstrates slightly higher signal-to-noise than the NA-Star assay. The NA-XTD assay provides 2 to 50-fold higher sensitivity by signal-to-noise ratio than MUNANA-based fluorescence assays, depending on the virus isolate. The NA-XTD assay provides a dynamic range of detection of 3 to 4 orders of magnitude of neuraminidase enzyme concentration, compared to 2 to 3 orders of magnitude range with fluorescent MUNANA assays. The wide chemiluminescent neuraminidase assay range enables determination of IC-50 values over a wide range of virus concentrations, eliminating the need to titer virus prior to performing IC50 determination assays.
Simple Instrumentation Requirement
Optimally, a small sample of culture media is removed and assayed directly with NA-XTD reagents, permitting multiple samples to be assayed over time.
  • Detection Method: Chemiluminescent
  • For Use With Equipment: Luminometer (Microplate)
  • Form: Liquid
  • Format: 96-well plate
  • High Throughput Compatibility: High Throughput-Compatible
  • Readout: End Point
  • Substrate: NA-XTD
  • Substrate Properties: Chemical Substrate
  • Substrate Type: Neuraminidase Substrate
  • Target Enzyme: Neuraminidase, Sialidase


Neuraminidase Assay
NA-XTD™, NovaBright™
Wet Ice
Neuraminidase Substrate
Sialidase, Neuraminidase
Enzyme Assay
Luminometer (Microplate)
NA-XTD Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Reagent Set
This kit contains 1000X NA-XTD™ Substrate, NA Sample Prep Buffer, NA-XTD™ Assay Buffer, and NA-XTD™ Accelerator. Store all components at 2 to 8°C.
High-throughput Compatible
End Point
Chemical Substrate
Enhanced Chemiluminescence
96-well plate

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.