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Invitrogen™ MembraneMax™ HN Protein Expression Kit

MembraneMax™ HN Protein Expression Kit

Marca:  Invitrogen™ A10634

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MembraneMax™ HN Protein Expression Kits delivers high yields of soluble (dispersed) membrane proteins using the MembraneMax™ reagent, which is an planar phospholipid membrane bilayer surrounded by a scaffold protein (also called a nanolipoprotein particle or NLP) that also offers convenient His-tag purification. Combining this technology with a scalable cell-free expression E. coli extract delivers microgram to milligram quantities of your membrane protein specifically for high throughput expression screening, expression of membrane proteins that would otherwise be toxic in cell-based systems and functional or activity assays. With high uniformity and consistent structure, MembraneMax reagent minimizes formation of membrane protein aggregates or clumping often caused by inconsistent size, shape and structure typical observed with microsomes or micelles. The MembraneMax™ Protein Expression kits contain all the necessary reagents for successful expression of your membrane protein.
Key Advantages of the MembraneMax™ Protein Expression Kits:
  • Optimized cell-free expression delivers high yield of membrane protein from nanogram to milligram quantities
  • MembraneMax™ reagent enables a monodispersed population of soluble membrane protein-NLP complexes
  • Convenient His-tag allows for simple purification of native or un-tagged membrane proteins
  • Expression format amenable to high-throughput protein synthesis for screening and expression of toxic proteins
  • Production of a homogeneous population of your membrane protein
  • Convenient kit format includes the necessary reagents for protein expression—simply add your gene of interest to get started
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    MembraneMax™ HN Protein Expression Kit, 20 rxns, T7 Promoter, Membrane Protein Expressed Protein Type, Not High Throughput-Compatible, His Tag (6x) Protein Tag, Used For Protein Expression
    20 rxn(s)
    Expressway™ mini expression module, Expressway™ mini amino acids module, MembraneMax™ HN expression module, Expressway™ (extract) module, Expressway™ amino acids module and MembraneMax™, expression modules
    MembraneMax™ HN Protein Expression Kit
    Protein expression
    20 rxn(s)

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.