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Invitrogen™ E-Gel™ Imager Adaptor Base

Adaptor base for E-Gel Imager

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Includes: 1 x E-Gel™ Imager Adaptor Base



The E-Gel Imager Adaptor Base is one of three interchangeable bases that work with the E-Gel Imager Camera Hood to comprise the E-Gel Imager system. The E-Gel Imager Adaptor Base provides power to either the E-Gel iBase™ power system coupled to the E-Gel Safe Imager™ or E-Gel Go! Base to allow E-Gel cassettes to be run right inside the imaging system.

  • Compatible with E-Gel devices
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Choose the best configuration for any stain with interchangeable bases
Document Electrophoresis in Real-Time, for the First Time
  • The E-Gel Imager Adaptor Base is one of the most innovative components of the new E-Gel Imager system
  • Specifically designed to provide power to either the E-Gel iBase/E-Gel Safe Imager base combinations or to the new E-Gel Go.
  • Allows outside light to be completely excluded from the E-Gel™ Imager system while a gel cassette is run
  • E-Gel Imager Adaptor Base is the first tool that will allow to capture real time images of E-Gel cassettes as the samples run
Small Footprint Fits Any Benchtop
  • E-gel Imager Blue Light Base designed as a part of the compact E-Gel Imager system
  • The contoured design is sleek and modern, to standout on any bench without overwhelming even a modest amount of space
  • As part of the E-Gel Imager system the Blue Light Base is small and light enough to move around the lab as needed, but attractive enough to want to store in plain sight
Multiple Bases for Multiple Applications
  • Three interchangeable bases provide excellent flexibility to use multiple gel stains
  • The UV Light Base is best for ethidium bromide and the Blue Light Base can be used for many SYBR™ dyes like SYBR Safe
  • Designed to provide power to either the E-Gel iBase power system coupled to the E-Gel Safe Imager real-time transilluminator, or the E-Gel Go Base with its integrated blue light transilluminator so E-Gel cassettes can be run right inside the E-Gel Image
  • Allows real time image capture while samples are running on the gel

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, DNA and RNA Purification and Analysis, Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis and Blotting



E-Gel® Imager
Room Temperature
1 x E-Gel® Imager Adaptor Base.

Store at room temperature.
E-Gel® iBase™, E-Gel® Go! Base
E-Gel® Imager

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.