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Thermo Scientific™ High-Select Top14 Abundant Protein Depletion Mini Spin Columns

Decrease the abundant HSA, immunoglobulins and 12 other high-abundance proteins from human serum or plasma

Marca:  Thermo Scientific™ A36370

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  • Thermo Scientific High Select Top14 Abundant Protein Depletion Resin decreases the abundant protein and antibody components of human plasma samples, helping prepare the samples for mass spectrometry or 1D or 2D electrophoresis. The resin is provided here in a convenient single-use mini spin column format for the treatment of 10μL samples.
  • High Select Top14 Abundant Protein Depletion Resin uses highly specific immobilized antibodies to remove human serum albumin (HSA), albumin, IgG, IgA, IgM, IgD, IgE, kappa and lambda light chains, alpha-1-acidglycoprotein, alpha-1-antitrypsin, alpha-2-macroglobulin, apolipoprotein A1, fibrinogen, haptoglobin, and transferrin from serum and plasma.. The resin is provided in an economical and convenient spin column format specifically designed for one-step processing and single use.
  • Analysis of human fluids is often complicated by the presence of high concentrations of albumin and IgG that can make up more than 70% of total serum protein. Removal of these proteins is often essential for the study of low-abundant proteins. High Select Top14 Abundant Protein Depletion Resin can deplete greater than 95% of the 14 most abundant proteins in serum.
  • Samples are loaded in a pre-filled disposable spin column and processed in approximately 10 minutes. The depletion of highly abundant proteins enables the detection of low abundant proteins in samples and subsequent identification by mass spectrometry or 1D or 2D gel electrophoresis.
    • Flexible—mini spin column format is scaled and optimized for treating 10μL human plasma samples
    • Optimized—removes >95% of IgG and >95% of albumin, plus 12 other abundant proteins (Top 14)
    • Fast—process samples in ~10 minutes
    • Economical—cost-effective spin columns are priced for single use
    • Reduce variability—one-time use prevents protein carryover and experimental variability


Mass spectrometry
24 columns
Store in refrigerator(2 to 8°C)