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Hamilton™ Microliter™ and Gastight™ Waters U6K HPLC Injection Valve Syringes

Designed for use in Waters U6K HPLC injection valves.

Marca:  Hamilton™ 84989

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Syringes in this category are either Microliter 800 series or Gastight 1700 and 1800 series syringes.

  • Microliter syringes have stainless steel plungers that are hand fitted to glass barrels and are designed for liquid sampling
  • Gastight syringes have PTFE plunger tips that create tight connection between syringe barrel and plunger allowing for liquid or gas sampling
  • Blunt needle point style: 3
  • Syringe termination: removable needle (RN)
Removable Needle (RN) Syringe Termination
  • Allows needles to seat at zero graduation mark of syringe
  • Users can select needle gauge, length, and point style to optimize syringe for custom applications
  • Allows for removable needle without increasing dead volume of syringe and can be used when there is risk of needle clogging
  • Autoclavable when disassembled
  • Repeated autoclaving will shorten syringe life.



500 psi
250 µL
0.91 µL
0.048 cm
7.75 mm
0.051 cm
Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass, PTFE
25 sg
Small removable needle
5 cm
1 Pk.
ISO 9001:2008, FDA
2.30 mm
0.018 cm
0.66 cm
Gastight Syringe
Designed for Use in Waters U6 K HPLC Injection Valves