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GE Healthcare PlusOne™ Reagents

High quality electrophoresis reagents. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PlusOne Reagents are a low toxicity, environmentally safe solvent for high quality electrophoresis.

Marca:  GE Healthcare 17-1319-01

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  • 70.90€ / 500 g

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del proveedor 25-09-2018
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  • Provides highest resolution and the cleanest results for IEF performed under denaturing conditions
  • Urea solubilizes and unfolds most proteins to their fully random conformation, with all ionizable groups exposed to solution
  • 8M urea included in the 2-D sample solution
Repel-Silane ES
Low toxicity and environmentally safe solvent
  • Inhibits sticking of polyacrylamide gels, agarose gels, and nucleic acids to glass surfaces
  • Bind-Silane
    • Used for covalently attach polyacrylamide gels to a glass surface
    • Firmly attaches to the glass during staining and drying procedures


    • Molecular Weight: 60.06
    • Physical state: Solid
    • Color: White
    • Pack of 500g
    Repel-Silane ES
    • Molecular Weight: 129.06
    • Physical state: Liquid
    • Color: Colorless
    • Pack of 500mL
    • Molecular Weight: 248.4
    • Physical state: Liquid
    • Color: Pale
    • Pack of 25mL

    IEF, PAGE, sequencing



    500 g
    IEF, PAGE y secuenciación
    132 °C
    De 5 ° a 30 °C