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GE Healthcare Nucleon™ PhytoPure™ Genomic DNA Extraction Kits

Nucleon PhytoPure DNA Extraction kits use a phytopure resin to bind plant polysaccharides ensuring high yields of high-quality plant genomic DNA in only one hour

Marca:  GE Healthcare RPN8511

Detalles adicionales : CAS : 9048-46-8 Peso : 3.74670kg

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  • Rapid protocol does not require phenol or CTAB
  • Two kit sizes provide economical scale-up using the same phenol-free protocol
  • Effective removal of polysaccharides minimises inhibition of downstream applications



Quality, length, and purity of a phenol-chloroform extraction without phenol. Nucleon PhytoPure enables rapid chloroform extraction of high-quality, high molecular weight genomic DNA from plant and fungal samples with efficient removal of protein as well
Reagents 1 and 2 and PhytoPure™ Resin
Successfully extracts DNA from many plant species, starting with fresh, frozen, or freeze dried material
Nucleon PhytoPure
Fresh, frozen, or freeze dried samples of Arabidopsisthaliana Brassicaoleracea Brassicanapus Capsicumannuum Capsicumfrutescens Cereals (barley, maize, rye, wheat) Cocosnucifera Helianthusannus Helianthustuberosus Heveabraziliensis Irvingiagabonensis Lotus