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GE Healthcare Geles Immobiline™ DryStrip

Represent a comprehensive selection of narrow-, medium- and wide-range IPG strips. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Immobiline™ DryStrip gels (IPG strips) are used for isoelectric focusing (IEF), run as the first dimension of 2-D electrophoresis or as a separate application.

Marca:  GE Healthcare 17-1235-01

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Choose from a comprehensive range of overlapping Immobiline DryStrip gels that cover narrow (1 pH unit), medium (3 to 5 pH units), and broad (8 pH units) pH ranges. The pH gradients at the extreme ends of the pH scale are nonlinear to distribute the proteins evenly over the gel length to obtain maximum resolution.

Five narrow pH range (1 pH unit), 24-cm IPG strips deliver high resolution and protein loading capacity, which results in well separated spots with high protein content after the second-dimension separation

  • Select the broad pH 3 to 11 Non-Linear (NL) gradient Immobiline DryStrip gel for fast and efficient screening to gain a broad overview of total protein disribution
  • For more detailed studies or when using greater protein loads, choose from four new overlapping strips covering the pH 3 to 11 range
  • Higher resolution can be obtained using narrow-range (1 pH unit) Immobiline DryStrip gels
  • Use matching IPG Buffers for optimized running conditions
  • Use IPG strips directly after reswelling without further manipulation
  • Bar coded strips for convenient sample and batch tracking

  • Immobiline DryStrip gels are rehydrated with a matching IPG Buffer prior to use
  • Samples can be included directly in the rehydration solution for efficient loading of dilute samples or for loading larger amounts of protein
  • Samples can also be loaded after rehydration



Gel prefundido, seco
18 cm
- 20 °C
0.3 cm
Aplicaciones industriales, tales como investigación y química analítica
No lineal
De 3 a 10
0.05 cm
Gel Immobiline™ DryStrip