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GE Healthcare HiScreen™ MabSelect™, Xtra™, SuRe™, SuRe LX™ Prepacked Columns

Designed for method optimization and parameter screening for capture of monoclonal antibodies.   GE Healthcare HiScreen™ MabSelect™, Xtra™, SuRe™, SuRe LX™ Prepacked Columns come ready-to-use  for convenience.

Marca:  GE Healthcare 28-9269-73

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  • Ready-to-use columns for convenient process development
  • Rigid, highly cross-linked agarose matrix
  • Bed height of 10cm is designed to allow method optimization and parameter screening
  • Easily connected in series to achieve 20cm bed height
  • Small bed volume (4.7mL) gives fast result and minimal sample/buffer consumption
  • Reproducible results, scalable to BioProcess columns packed with the same chromatography media using the same linear fluid velocity


  • For capture of MAbs from large sample volumes
  • Prepacked with protein A-derived media
  • Compatible with high flow rates and high pressure when scaling up
MabSelect Xtra
  • Increased binding capacity enables purification of MAbs from high-level expression feedstock
  • Also optimized for Fc-fusion proteins
  • Very low, unspecific binding due to high ligand selectivity and matrix hydrophilicity
  • Prepacked with protein A-derived media
MabSelect SuRe (Superior Resistance) and MabSelect SuRe (Superior Resistance) LX
  • With novel, alkali-tolerant recombinant protein A ligand that provides greater stability and allows use of 0.1 to 0.5M sodium hydroxide for cleaning-in-place (CIP)
  • Enhanced protease resistance resulting in lower ligand leakage
  • High dynamic binding capacity



8M Urea, 6M Guanidine Hydrochloride, 2% Benzyl Alcohol or 20% Ethanol
Bed Dimensions: 7.7 × 100 mm
Antibody affinity chromatography
100 mm
1 x 4.7mL
Recombinant Protein A (E.coli)
3 bar [0.3 MPa] (44 psi)
2° to 8°C
HiScreen MabSelect Prepacked Column
≈30mg Human IgG
HiScreen MabSelect Prepacked Column
Stoppers at the inlet and outlet
Epoxy Activation
4.7 mL
3 to 10