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Fluorescein-SMRT ID2 Corepressor Peptide, 100μM

Fluorescein-SMRT ID2 Corepressor Peptide, 100 µM

Marca:  Invitrogen PV4423

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LanthaScreen™ fluorescent nuclear receptor coregulator peptides contain known interaction motifs and are labeled with fluorescein. These peptides are matched and validated to complement the LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET Nuclear Receptor Coregulator Assays. Assays developed using these reagents enable primary or secondary screening of nuclear receptor agonists and/or antagonists.

How they work
Ligand binding to nuclear receptors causes conformational changes in the receptor, resulting in a cascade of events, including dissociation of repressor proteins, association of coactivator proteins, and assembly of pol II and other transcriptional factors for activation of target genes. TR-FRET based assays can be developed using the LanthaScreen™ panel of fluorescein-labeled coregulator peptides to investigate conformational changes of nuclear receptors upon ligand binding, either by determining the affinity of ligand-bound receptor for different coregulator peptides, or by identifying additional agonists or antagonists via displacement or recruitment of a specific coregulator peptide. In the LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET RXR beta Coactivator Assay, a terbium (Tb)-labeled anti-GST antibody is used to indirectly label GSTtagged RXR beta protein. An agonist (9-cis Retinoic Acid) added to the receptor which, upon ligand binding, causes a conformational change resulting in recruitment of the Fl-D22 coactivator peptide (Figure 1). The binding of the fluorescent coregulator peptide to RXR beta causes an increase in the TR-FRET emission ratio (Figure 2).

Contents and Storage:

LanthaScreen™ fluorescent nuclear receptor coregulator peptides are supplied as 100μM solutions in peptide-appropriate buffers. Store peptides at -20°C.


Fluorescein-SMRT ID2 Corepressor Peptide, 100μL, 100μM Concentration, 2993Da Molecular Weight, –5 to –30°C Storage Condition, Used for Pharma and Biopharma, Target and Lead Identification and Validation
≥95% Chromatographic by HPLC
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Fluorescein - SMRT ID2 Corepressor Peptide
Fluorescein - SMRT ID2 Corepressor Peptide
Pharma and biopharma, target and lead identification and validation, drug discovery and development, nuclear receptor biology, nuclear receptor proteins, biochemical nuclear receptor assays, nuclear receptor coregulator interaction
25mM HEPES (pH 7.5), 50% DMSO
–5 to –30°C
Pharma and biopharma, target and lead identification and validation

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.