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Molecular Probes™ Fluo-4 Direct™ Calcium Assay Kit

Fluo-4 Direct™ Calcium Assay Kit

Marca:  Molecular Probes™ F10473

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The Fluo-4 Direct™ Calcium Assay Kit was formulated to provide a homogeneous fluorescent calcium assay that:
1. Easily loads into cells
2. Achieves a large assay window and
3. Suppresses background fluorescence generated from the calcium indicator in complete media with little-to-no impact on the specific cellular fluorescence

This advanced formulation allows the assay to be run in a simple addition only format in the presence of serum-containing media. Fluo-4 Direct™ is the third addition to the Fluo-4 family of calcium detection reagents. Fluo-4 AM and Fluo-4 NW both require media removal before assay detection, but Fluo-4 NW adds convenience by including the PowerLoad™ reagent for ease in cell loading. The Fluo-4 Direct™ Calcium Assay Kit is similar to Fluo-4 NW in that it is formulated with PowerLoad™ for ease in cell loading, but unique in that it can be used in the presence of complete culture media and will efficiently suppress background fluorescence without sacrificing the specific cellular fluorescence generated in the assay.


1 x 1L
Confocal microscope, fluorescence microscope, fluorescent imager, HTS reader, high content instrument, microplate reader
Drug discovery & development, target & lead identification & validation, G-protein coupled receptor biology, cell-based second messenger assays
Fluo-4 Direct™ Calcium Assay Kit, 1 x 1L, Green, Powder, Fluorescent Detection Method, Cell-Permeant, Calcium Indicator, 488/530nm Excitation/Emission, Used For Pharma and biopharma, Target and Lead Identification and Validation
1L Fluo-4 Direct™ calcium assay reagent (component A), 1.54g probenecid (component B)
Fluo-4 Direct™ Calcium Assay Kit

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.