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Fisherbrand™ Termómetros de registro de datos con trazabilidad™ Excursion-Trac™

Monitorice temperaturas en refrigeradores, congeladores, baños de agua, termobloques e incubadores con este termómetro de registro de datos. Los termómetros de registro de datos Traceable ™ Excursion-Trac™ cuentan con una escala de temperatura de - 50 a 70°C y una resolución de 0.01 y mantienen una exactitud de ± 0.25 °C en toda la escala de temperatura.

Marca:  Fisherbrand™

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High-accuracy thermometer has a temperature range of -50 to 70°C and resolution of 0.01°C and maintains an accuracy of ±0.25°C across the entire temperature range.


  • Stores up to ten unique alarm events
  • Meets current CDC requirements for vaccine storage and monitoring
  • Rolling memory structure, maintains most recent 525,600 temperature observations
  • Memory can be cleared on unit after downloading data to USB stick
  • Hassle-free retrieval of data; unit can remain in use while downloading and analyzing data
  • Status indicators: Low battery, memory full, USB data transfer and active alarm state
  • Traceable to NIST for accuracy
  • High-impact, chemical-resistant ABS plastic case measures 7 x 10.8 x 1.9cm (2.75 x 4.25 x 0.75 in.)
  • Datalogging Capacity: 525,600 temperature observations 
  • Weight: 5 oz.

Hi/Lo Alarms and Time/Date Stamps
  • Alarm tracking feature stores in memory each alarm event detailing when the alarm state occurred, as well as when the unit returned back to within range
  • Alarm state indicators include visual LEDs, audio alerts, and flashing LCD segments
  • Data for up to ten different alarm events can be retrieved with the most current event viewable on the display

USB Data Transferring
  • New feature allows recorded data (CSV file) to be transferred from thermometer to PC or Mac™ using a USB flash drive (not included)
  • No software is needed for computer interface
  • Each thermometer has a unique ID allowing multiple units to be used in the same location

Data-Logging Features
  • Monitor readings overnight, on weekends, or for any time period with rolling data log
  • User-defined data-logging interval of one observation/minute to one observation/24 hours
  • Memory capacity maintains a year of recorded data when using one-minute intervals and longer when using larger intervals

Bottle Probe Features (Cat. Nos. 15-081-125, -126, -128, 129 do not come with bottle probes)
  • Bottle probes are sealed in a miniature bottle (1 x 2.5 in.) filled with nontoxic glycol
  • Solution is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Eliminates concerns about incidental contact with food or drinking water
  • Temperature-buffered bottle sensor eliminates rapid changes when refrigerator door is opened
  • Ideal for use in monitoring storage conditions for vaccines or other important samples

Units are designed to be used with either the provided AC adaptor or with batteries only.  Batteries are designed to last for up to six months.  If using battery-power only, the AC power adaptor must be plugged in to download any data.



1 sonda en frasco
Soporte, tiras magnéticas de velcro, soporte de montaje en pared, baterías
Volumen: 10 ml
525.600 observaciones de temperatura
De - 50,00° a 70,00 °C (de - 58,00° a 158,00 °F)
 ISO 17025, A2LA, NIST 
±0,25 °C
Termómetro de registro de datos
 User-Defined Timing Interval: Yes