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Thermo Scientific™ Kit de etiquetado de ADN con biotina DecaLabel™

Efficiently synthesize biotin-labeled DNA probes with the Thermo Scientific™ Biotin DecaLabel DNA Labeling Kit.

Marca:  Thermo Scientific™ K0651

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The primary improvement over traditional random-primed method involves the use of random decamers instead of hexamers to ensure more efficient annealing with DNA at 37°C. Klenow Fragment, exo- is also included in the kit; this genetically engineered enzyme has no detectable exonuclease activity. Therefore, the enzyme does not degrade the labeled probe during reaction, which results in a high labeling yield even with low amounts of template. As a result, DNA fragments of any length can be uniformly labeled. Biotin-labeled DNA is detected with the Biotin Chromogenic Detection Kit or with conventional biotin-avidin or biotin-streptavidin detection systems.
  • Non-radioactive labeling of DNA
  • Efficient priming of labeling reactions with random decamers
  • High yields with Klenow Fragment, exo-: no degradation of a labeled probe during reaction

Recommended for:

Generation of biotin-labeled DNA probes for a variety of non-radioactive hybridization experiments, including Southern and Northern blots, colony/plaque hybridizations, dot/slot blots and in situ hybridizations



Generación de sondas de ADN etiquetadas con biotina para diversos experimentos de hibridación no radioactiva, incluidas las hidridaciones de placas/colonias, ensayos Southern, Northern y dot/slot blot e hibridaciones in situ
Fragmento Klenow, exo-; decanucleótidos en tampón de reacción; mezcla de etiquetado con biotina; plantilla de control; ADN etiquetado con biotina; agua, sin nucleasas; protocolo detallado
Kit de etiquetado de ADN Biotin DecaLabel™