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Merck™ Sustratos quimioluminiscentes de HRP para inmunotransferencia (Western blot) Luminata™

Premixed, ready-to-use chemiluminescent reagents for detection of HRP-based Westerns

Marca:  Merck™ WBLUF0500

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Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) catalyzes the oxidation of luminol in the presence of peroxide, releasing photons (chemiluminescence) that are captured on x-ray films or by CCD cameras. Most HRP substrates are plagued by quickly decaying signal and short shelf life, but Luminata substrates are formulated differently to include stabilizing reagents.

  • Consistent results with less pipetting error

The stabilizers added to Luminata substrates:

  • Prevent spontaneous oxidation of luminol by peroxide in the absence of HRP
  • Enhance the stability of both the luminol and peroxide, ensuring that Luminata substrates are stable for one year in their premixed format
  • Stabilize, strengthen, and prolong the chemiluminescence signal once HRP starts to catalyze oxidation

Three different sensitivities for a range of detection needs:

  • Luminata Classico premixed reagent for everyday detection needs
  • Luminata Crescendo premixed reagent for detection in the picogram range
  • Luminata Forte premixed reagent for detection in the femtogram range



Western blotting, dot/slot blotting
Peroxidasa de rábano picante (HRP)
∽ 400 fg
500 ml
Sustrato HRP Western Luminata Forte
De 18° a 24 °C