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Axygen™ Puntas con filtro para aerosoles estériles

Evite la contaminación cruzada con las puntas robóticas con filtro. Las puntas con filtro de aerosol estériles Axygen™ están irradiadas con haces electrónicos para evitar la degradación del producto, cumplen con USP 3127 (contaminación por metales pesados) y no contienen aditivos lixiviables. Disponibles en una amplia variedad de estilos de punta.

Marca:  Axygen™ TF-50-R-S

Detalles adicionales : Peso : 8.28000kg

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Código de producto. 12673826

  • 87.97€ / paquete de 960

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Technologically advanced filter barrier pipette tips
  • Ideal for DNA amplification and microbiological applications where trace contamination can invalidate results
  • Filter allows free passage of air while preventing cross-contamination by blocking the passage of aerosols or liquids
  • Nonpyrogenic, clear polyethylene filters are free from DNA inhibitors and leachable additives
  • Every filter is inserted into the tip robotically to ensure freedom from nuclease contamination
  • Packaged in sealed-bottom racks with lids to prevent contamination
  • Wide variety of tip styles available in a range of packaging quantities:
    • Maxymum Recovery™ technology provides excellent accuracy and prevents wastage of precious samples
    • Wide bore tips are ideal for pipetting viscous materials, genomic DNA or delicate cell cultures
    • Other options include: universal fit, matrix and Eppendorf style


Barrera, compatibilidad universal
0.5 to 50μL
PP (Polypropylene)
DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen Free
USP 3127