Suministros y consumibles para enseñanza

Thermo Scientific™ Placas MicroWell™ de polipropileno de 96 pocillos Nunc™

Almacene las muestras de forma segura con estas placas de polipropileno de bajo nivel de unión de 96 pocillos, las cuales impiden que el ADN se una y permiten la recuperación de muestras completa. X50 96-well plate PP

Thermo Scientific™ Automation Tips for Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems with AP384 Dispense Head

Increase pipetting performance with Thermo Scientific™ Automation Tips for Beckman™ Liquid Handling Systems, which undergo a rigorous 15-point quality control program to ensure consistency. X19200 PUNTA ESTERIL BECKMAN 25µL

Kimble™ Tubos reutilizables KIMAX™ con tapón roscado con revestimiento de caucho cubierto con PTFE

Black phenolic cap with PTFE-faced rubber liner X288 TUBO CULTIVO 16X150 ROS PTFE

Molecular Probes™ CoverWell™ Perfusion Chamber Gasket

Designed to facilitate live-cell imaging and manipulation COVERWELL(TM) PERFUSION C

Thermo Scientific™ Automation Tips for Agilent™ Bravo™ and VPrep™ Automated Liquid Handling Platforms with 384-Channel Disposable Tip Head

Increase pipetting performance with Thermo Scientific™ Tips for Agilent™ Bravo™ and VPrep™ Automated Liquid Handling Platforms, which undergo a rigorous 15-point quality control program to ensure consistency. X19200 Tip for Velocity11 384 Style Racked,

Afora Fabrica™ Bubbled Camera


Fisherbrand™ SureOne™ Micropoint Pipette Tips, Universal Fit

New, improved Fisherbrand SureOne Reload system offers a full line of micropoint universal fit pipet tips X1000 MICROPOINT 20µL ESTILO EPP.

Kimble™ Kontes™ Schlenk Vacuum Tube with HI-VAC Valve

Suitable for use with K216050 or K216060 Manifolds TUBE DE SCHLENK 100ML

PYREX™ Media Bottle High-Temperature Caps

With drip-free pouring ring X10 OPEN CAP GL45 HT

Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Dish and Cover, Flat Bottom and Straight Sides


Thermo Scientific™ Placas rectangulares Nunc™

Desarrolle aplicaciones de biología molecular con las placas rectangulares sin tratamiento Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™, las cuales tienen unas dimensiones estándar ANSI™ y se han optimizado para robótica. X100 Multiwell untreated 8-well

Corning™ 96-Well Next Generation CrystalEX Protein Crystallization Microplates

Optimized for high-throughput sitting-drop protein crystallization X50 PLATE VF96 3PUITS COC 1µL

Corning™ Frascos con forma cilíndrica desechables

Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene for excellent visibility and tissue culture-treated for optimal cell attachment. Corning™ Disposable Roller Bottles allow Initial scale-up of adherent cells with intermittent exposure of cells to the air and the media. X40 ROLLER 490CM2 PS TC PL ESTER

Thermo Scientific™ Refrigeradores de sobremesa

Proteja las enzimas, las células, los reactivos y las soluciones mediante el mantenimiento de la temperatura del congelador durante el trabajo en la mesa del laboratorio con los refrigeradores de sobremesa. LABTOP COOLER -20°C 12 TUBES 1,5ML

Fisherbrand™ ASTM™ Specific Gravity Hydrometers for Liquids Heavier than Water, 260mL Liquid Volume

Accuracy meets or exceeds ASTM E 100 specifications DENSIMETRO ASTM 1350-1400G/L TERM

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Narrow-Mouth PPCO Packaging Bottles with Closure: Bulk Pack

Store, ship and package liquids with these robust, narrow-mouth bottles that are constructed for packaging use and include polypropylene closures. X1000 Bottle narrow mouth, round, autoclavablePP-Verschluss 20-415, VE=1000 Stück

Afora™ Hidrotimetrica Burette


Kimble™ Kontes™ Pellet Pestle™

Use to resuspend protein and DNA pellets or grind soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes X100 PISTON DISP SS TUBO

Thermo Scientific™ Frascos de calidad de boca estrecha y color ámbar de HDPE Nalgene™ para laboratorio

Almacene, envíe y envase líquidos sensibles a la luz con estos frascos de HDPE de boca estrecha y color ámbar. Ofrecen una excelente resistencia química a la mayoría de ácidos, bases y alcoholes. X72 BOTELLA AMBAR ESTRECH HDPE30ML

Corning™ Probetas graduadas reutilizables con una graduación

Transluscent polypropylene with raised graduations at primary scale points X12 graduated cylinder, 50ml, plastic, single metric scale, PP, ''To Contain'' w/funnel top

Corning™ HTS Transwell™ Clear Untreated Reservoirs

Manufactured from clear plastic for maximum visibility. Corning™ HTS Transwell™ Clear Untreated Reservoir is for use with HTS Transwell Permeable Supports. X48 RESERVOIR HTS TRANSWELL ESTER

Fisherbrand™ Tight-Seal™ Clamps

One-piece, reusable nylon clamps for hoses and tubing Schlauchklemmen 18,54 bis 21,08

Fisherbrand™ Frascos tipo Boston transparentes con tapones con exterior de PTFE y revestimiento de PE

For storing liquid samples. Fisherbrand™ Clear Boston Round Bottles with PTFE-Faced PE-Lined Cap are ideal for use when content integrity is important. X12 BOTELLA BOSTON 1000ML

Thermo Scientific™ Viales vacíos estériles apirógenos

Los viales vacíos estériles Thermo Scientific™ se ofrecen con capacidades que oscilan entre 1 y 100 ml. X50 VIAL STERILE APYROGENE 5ML CAP 13MM

Cole Parmer™ Racor dentado conector recto de HDPE

Combine these simple, economical HDPE straight connector with flexible tubing for use in your low-pressure applications (generally less than 30 psi). HDPE Straight Connector Barbed Fittings slide into soft tubing. Tubing elasticity holds the tubing onto the fitting for low-pressure installations. X10 CONECTOR PE TUBO 3,2MM ID