Suministros y consumibles para enseñanza

Thermo Scientific™ Puntas de pipeta con filtro Matrix™

Elimine la contaminación del cuerpo de la pipeta con las puntas de pipeta con filtro Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™. X960 PUNTA FILTRO 200µL ESTERIL

Corning™ 1536-Well Nontreated Cyclic Olefin Copolymer Plates

X100 1536-Well Plate, COC, Black, Clear Bottom, Low Base, Not Treated, No Lid, Nonsterile, Barcode

Fisherbrand™ Custom Cleaned Amber Wide Mouth Packer Bottles

Ideal storage for light sensitive dry powders. Fisherbrand™ Custom Cleaned Amber Wide Mouth Packer Bottles are manufactured using amber soda glass. X12 Bottle wide mouth packer with PTFE lined

Fisherbrand™ Matraces Erlenmeyer de boca ancha de vidrio y reutilizables

High resistance to heat, chemical attack, and mechanical shock X6 FLASK WM HEAVY NECK 1000ML

Fisher Scientific™ Termómetro compacto con sonda, intervalo: de - 50 °C a + 300 °C (de - 58 °F a + 572 °F)

Thermometer with stainless-steel probe. Thermometer with 100mm stainless steel probe on1.5m cable hi low alarm facilty supplied with

Kimble™ Glass Vials for EPA Water Analysis

X432 Vial Kimble EPA water analysis, screw thread,

Corning™ Black Phenolic Screw Caps

Resist effects of temperature and steam in autoclaving X288 PHENOLIC CAP 15-415 REUSABLE, 144/bag

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos de fondo redondo de 14 ml Nunc™

Realice aplicaciones celulares críticas mediante estos tubos de fondo redondo de 14 ml. X5OO TUBOS FONDO REDONDO 14ML

Thermo Scientific™ Puntas de pipeta Finntip™ Stepper

Integre las puntas de pipeta Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Stepper con el pipeteador Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Stepper. X100 FINNPIPETTE TIPS 0.5ML VOLUMES 10 - 50VL(PACK OF 100)

Thermo Scientific™ Alfombrillas de cierre Nunc™ para placas de 96 pocillos

Proteja los 96 pocillos durante el almacenamiento a corto o largo plazo de productos químicos o compuestos con un dispositivo único mediante las alfombrillas de cierre Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ para placas de 96 pocillos. X50 CAP MAT FOR DW 96

Eppendorf™ Película de sellado para microplacas de PCR

Use this foil for PCR and other optical assays. Eppendorf™ PCR Foils provide your PCR plate with a tight seal, particularly when heat-sealing material is used. X100 ADHESIF PCR

Afora™ Adaptadores reductores

REDUCTOR H14/23E-M10/19

Fisherbrand™ Tapa de vaso de precipitados de PTFE

Rest on top of beaker to prevent contamination. The PTFE Beaker Cover is available in a wide range of sizes. VIDRIO DE RELOJ PTFE 40 MM

Corning™ Matraces de cultivo tisular Primaria™

Improves attachment, spreading and growth for many primary cells or cell lines. Corning™ Primaria™ Tissue Culture Flasks are suitable for growing cells that grow poorly on conventional, negatively charged, standard tissue culture surfaces—including tumor cells, endothelial cells and hepatocytes. X100 Primaria Rectangular Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask, 25cm², Vented Cap, 20/bag

Fisherbrand™ SureOne™ Specialty Pipettor Tips, Filtered

Choose from extended length or large orifice, sterile or non-sterile. Fisherbrand™ Specialty Pipettor Tips, Filtered are certified to be free of RNase, DNase and DNA. X960 Punta con Filtro Fisherbrand SureOne , Genómica, 100-1000µl, transparente, estéril, 96/rack

Kimble™ Flat Disk Septa for Screw-Thread Closures

PTFE faced septa provides barrier for product contact X144 SEPTA,PTFE/SILICONE,24MM

Corning™ Costar™ Transwell™-COL Collagen-Treated Coated Membrane Insert

Transparent, collagen-treated microporous membranes promote cell attachment and spreading X24 TRANSWCOL PTFE 0,4µ 6,5MM EST

Fisherbrand™ Tarros de pared recta transparentes con tapones con exterior de PTFE y revestimiento de PE

Clear multipurpose jars for maximum content visibility. Qorpak™ Clear Straight-Sided Jars with PTFE-Faced PE-Lined Cap are available in in a wide variety of sizes, from 1 to 32 oz. X12 BOCAL RECTO VIDRIO BLANC 1 L

Tubos de vidrio sin reborde de fondo redondo desechables PYREX™

Manufactured from borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants. Corning™ PYREX™ Disposable Round-Bottom Rimless Glass Tubes are designed for both tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X250 CULTURE TUBE 15X85MMPYREX

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Caps for TufRol™ Roller Bottles

Vented and non-vented X500 Cap easy on/off sterile HDPE for TufRol(TM)

Fisher Scientific™ Termómetros digitales con sonda de acero inoxidable con cable

Easy-to-read digital thermometers are compact to hold in your hand or mount on wall in restricted areas TRACEABLE® ALARM THERMOMETER/TIMER

Thermo Scientific™ Frascos de PFA Teflon™ de boca estrecha con tapón Nalgene™

Obtenga una excelente resistencia a temperaturas extremas, a productos químicos y a la corrosión con los frascos de boca estrecha, que se encuentran entre los recipientes disponibles más resistentes a productos químicos y a la corrosión. BOTELLA CUELLO ESTRECHO PFA 30ML

Fisher Scientific™ Barómetro digital de bolsillo Traceable™

Keep track of your environment and your time with this multi-functional handheld barometer BAROMETER HAND HELD, BAROMETER, ALTIMEter, thermometer, stopwatch, compass and time of

Fisherbrand™ Porcelain Crucible Covers

For use with Fisherbrand High- and Wide-Form Porcelain Crucibles X6 CRUCIBLE LID PORCELAIN 45MM

Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Dish, Flat Bottom and Straight Sides


Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Natural PPCO Diagnostic Bottles with Closure: Tray Pack

Safely store and ship small volume samples and valuable reagents with these PPCO diagnostic bottles, for use in test kits and many small volume applications. BOTTLE PACKAGING SW PP, 1/4 OZ.

Corning™ Superficie de osteoensayo de microplacas

Capable of supporting the functional properties of osteogenic cells. Corning™ Osteo Assay Surface delivers lot-to-lot consistency, translating to reliable and reproducible results in bone cell assays. The surface also offers a consistent and defined alternative to preparing dentine or bone slices, reducing the variability in assay systems and resulting in more predictable assay readouts. X4 PLAQUE 24 PUIT OSTEO SURFACE BC

Fisherbrand™ Grade 809 Cellulose/PE Fiber Filter Paper

Used for solid or liquid process separation in large industrial fields. X100 PLATE 809 600X600 0,9-2µ

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes, 10mL

Use these tubes for centrifugation up to 2980 RCF. KIMAX™ Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes are plastic shrink-wrapped in modular trays for cleanliness and safety. Manufactured from 51 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass. X12 PGLASS TUBE 10ML SCREWCAP

Fisherbrand™ Dedal de extracción de pelusa de algodón y fibra de celulosa de grado 7

Suitable for all extractors systems. X25 EXTRACTN THIMBLE C 80X250MM