Equipos e instrumentos para enseñanza

Ramsey™ Grad-Line Universal Sonic Sensor

Get dependable operation in any industrial environment with the Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Grad-Line Universal Sonic Sensor. ROTOR SWING-OUT HLR6

Cole Parmer™ Papel de pesaje Glassine

Ensure complete sample transfer with glassine weighing paper. Cole Parmer™ Glassine Weighing Paper are moisture-resistant and nonabsorbent with a smooth glassine surface. X500 PAPEL PESADA GLASSINE 152X152

Thermo Scientific™ ST8R Microplate Centrifuge Package

Meet both clinical and research protocol needs. Sorvall ST8R Microplate Pack

Thermo Scientific™ S120-AT2 Fixed Angle Rotor

Process large capacities (10 x 2mL) with this small, fixed angle rotor. ROTOR ANGULAIRE S120AT2

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall Legend 21R + 24x2mL Rotor + Dual Row Rotor

Sorvall Legend 21R + 24x2ml rotor + dual row rotor

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ AB200 pH/Conductivity Benchtop Meters

Provides intuitive, simple operation and high accuracy measurements in a compact, affordable meter. Fisher Scientific accumet AB200 pH/conductivity meter combines the benefits of a pH meter and conductivity meter in one easy to use, reliable measurement system. The large backlit display offers great visibility in laboratory environments. ACCUMET AB200 PH/CON METER

Thermo Scientific™ SL40F TX-1000 Cell Culture Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 40F TX-1000 Cell Culture Package

EVOS™ Microscope: Stage Top Plates

Stage top plates for EVOS microscopes Stage Top Plate FP=96Well Plate with Max. Objectiv

Eppendorf™ Mastercycler™ PRO


Fisher Scientific™ Credit-Card-Sized Metric Conversion Calculator

Performs multiple conversions and calculator functions SOLAR POCKET METRIC CONVERTER

Fisher Scientific™ Microscopio compuesto para investigación Serie AX-500

Choice of three optical objectives and three optical heads. Fisher Scientific™ AX-500 Series Compound Research Microscope with ‘cool light’ LED illumination are designed or university and research laboratory use. BINOCULAR MICROSCOPE AX-502A SUPER CONTRAST

Thermo Scientific™ Rotores de flujo continuo TCF-32

Desarrolle aplicaciones de procesamiento de varios litros que requieren valores de RFC altos, como separaciones de virus, aislamientos de partículas y producción de vacunas mediante estos rotores. Rotor Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX Accessory Core

Thermo Scientific™ Rotor de microtubos de ángulo fijo MicroClick 30 x 2

Perform micro-volume applications such as nucleic acid preparation at up to 14,000rpm/21,693 x g with the Thermo Scientific™ MicroClick 30 x 2 Fixed Angle Microtube Rotor. CENTRIFUGE ROTOR MICROCLICK 30 X 2ML

Fisherbrand™ Bandejas desechables de secado/pesaje de aluminio

Designed for weighing, drying and more. Compatible with many popular balances and moisture analyzers. Choice of 10.9cm and 12.2cm diameter dishes. X1000 WEIGH DISH 121 MM

Rotores para lavadores de células CW3

Lavado de células sanguíneas exhaustivo y reproducible de 12 ó 24 tubos por ciclo con los rotores de lavadores de células Thermo Scientific™ CW3. 24-PLACE rotor assy with distributor

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Anchor Propeller Stirrer Shaft

Use with shaft guides for mixing high viscosity substances at slower speeds. The PTFE anchor stir shafts have a stainless-steel core. PALA AGITACION ANCLA D80 X L400MM

Fisherbrand™ Eje de agitación plano de PTFE para palas

Use with PTFE blades. The PTFE Plain Stirrer Shaft for Blades include a steel rod core. PTFE shaft for blades,exposed end Shaft 12, L

Thermo Scientific™ SL40FR TX-1000 Greiner Clinical Centrifuge Package

Excellent ergonomics and high performance unit for daily sample preparation. SL 40FR TX-1000 GREINER Clinical Package

Thermo Scientific™ Rotor de ángulo fijo de aluminio hermético Microliter 48 x 2

Support micro-volume protocols, featuring capacity flexibility with adapters ranging from 12 to 24mL ROTOR ANGULAR 48 X 2ML

Thermo Scientific™ Rotor de ángulo fijo Fiberlite™ F21-8 x 50y

Separe las muestras de forma segura con la máxima fuerza g mediante el rotor de ángulo fijo Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F21-8 x 50y con tecnología Bioseal. ROTOR F21S-8X50 FIBRE DE C

Invitrogen™ EVOS™ Stage Plate for Automated Stage, one Nunc T-175 flask

EVOS™ Stage Plate for Automated Stage, one Nunc T-175 flask VH NUNC T175

Cole Parmer™ Balance Draft Shield

Balance Draft Shield, Large

Thermo Scientific™ Calibration Validation Carousels

Thermo Scientific™ Performance Verification Standards, Automated (CVC) will ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data while saving time and money. CVC-USP WITH SMART BASEBase, gem. USP, Evolution-Serie

Hettich Lab Technology™ Swing-Out Rotor

Swing-out rotor 4-fold, without carriers

Applied Biosystems™ ProFlex™ 96-well Sample Block; Range: 10-80μL

One 96-well, 0.2mL module Sample block 96 well for use with ProFlex PCRsystem

Eppendorf™ 5424 Centrifuge with FA-45-24-11Model Rotor

Equipped for all modern molecular biology applications using Eppendorf and PCR tubes. Eppendorf™ 5424 R Centrifuges are designed for separating liquid substance mixtures with different densities, and analyzing samples from the human body in in-vitro diagnostic applications. CENTRIFUGA 5424 TECLADO, CON ROTOR

EVOS™ Vessel Holders

For flasks, trays and petri dishes HOLDS (2) 50 MM IBIDI PETRI DISHES

Labnet™ Prism™ Mini Centrifuge

A compact and economical choice for centrifuges, allowing each workstation to be equipped with a personal centrifuge. Labnet™ Prism™ Mini Centrifuges are suitable for a wide range of molecular biology separations and quick spins.