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Acetonitrilo, HPLC para análisis de gradiente, cumple las especificaciones analíticas de la farmacopea europea, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 75-05-8 Fórmula molecular: C2H3N Número MDL: 1878 InChI Key: WEVYAHXRMPXWCK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: methyl cyanide, cyanomethane, ethanenitrile, methanecarbonitrile, ethyl nitrile, methane, cyano, acetonitril, cyanure de methyl, methylkyanid, mecn PubChem CID: 6342 ChEBI: ChEBI: 38472 IUPAC Name: acetonitrilo SMILES: CC#N 2.5LT Acetonitrile, HPLC for gradient analysis, meets analytical specification of Ph.Eur

Acetonitrile, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 75-05-8 Fórmula molecular: C2H3N Número MDL: 1878 InChI Key: WEVYAHXRMPXWCK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN, ACN PubChem CID: 6342 ChEBI: CHEBI: 38472 IUPAC Name: acetonitrilo SMILES: CC#N 500ML Acetonitrile, Optima(TM) LC/MS grade

Ácido clorhídrico, 37 %, certificado AR de análisis, d = 1,18, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 7647-01-0 Fórmula molecular: ClH Número MDL: 11324 InChI Key: VEXZGXHMUGYJMC-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: hydrochloric acid, hydrogen chloride, muriatic acid, chlorohydric acid, acide chlorhydrique, chlorwasserstoff, spirits of salt, hydrogen chloride hcl, anhydrous hydrochloric acid, chloorwaterstof PubChem CID: 313 ChEBI: ChEBI: 17883 IUPAC Name: cloro SMILES: Cl 2.5LT Hydrochloric acid, 37%, Certified AR for analysis, d=1.18

Gibco™ HEPES (1M)


Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Fast Advanced Master Mix

TaqMan™ Fast Advanced Master Mix has been designed to match or exceed the performance of standard master mixes, delivering shorter run times (<40 minutes). TAQMAN FAST ADVANCED MASTER MIX (1 X 50 ML)

Base de Tris (cristales blancos o polvo cristalino/biología molecular), Fisher BioReagents

CAS: 77-86-1 Fórmula molecular: C4H11NO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 121.136 InChI Key: LENZDBCJOHFCAS-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano, Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano, Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano, Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano, Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano, Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano, Tris(hidroximetil)aminometano PubChem CID: 6503 ChEBI: CHEBI:9754 IUPAC Name: 2-amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)propane-1,3-diol SMILES: C(C(CO)(CO)N)O 25KG Tris base, DNase RNase protease free, electrophoresis, White Crystals or Cryst Powder,

Thermo Scientific™ ADN polimerasa de alta fidelidad Phusion

Get superior performance for cloning and other applications requiring high fidelity with one of the most accurate thermostable DNA polymerases available. PHUSION HF PCR KIT 100 RXNS

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix

Precise and reliable real-time qPCR quantification over 9 logs of linear dynamic range with Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix. TF,TAQMAN GEX MMIX 10X5ML

Sulfuric Acid Min 95% d=1.83, Certified AR, for Analysis, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 7664-93-9 Fórmula molecular: H2O4S Molecular Weight (g/mol): 98.072 Número MDL: 64589 InChI Key: QAOWNCQODCNURD-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: oil of vitriol, sulphuric acid, dihydrogen sulfate, mattling acid, battery acid, dipping acid, acide sulfurique, electrolyte acid, acidum sulfuricum, vitriol brown oil PubChem CID: 1118 ChEBI: CHEBI:26836 IUPAC Name: sulfuric acid SMILES: OS(=O)(=O)O 2.5LT Sulfuric acid min 95% d=1.83, Certified AR,for analysis

Hydrochloric Acid Solution 1M (1N), NIST Standard Solution, ready to use, for volumetric analysis, Fisher Chemical

1LT Hydrochloric acid solution 1M (1N), NIST Standard solution ready to use, Eur.Ph. , USP, BP

Sodium Chloride, Extra Pure, SLR, Fisher Chemical

1KG Sodium chloride, extra pure, SLR

PBS Tablets, Phosphate Buffered Saline, Fisher BioReagents

100GR Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) Tablets

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous, 99+%, Extra Pure, Fisher Chemical

1KG Sodium sulfate anhydrous, 99+%, extra pure

Dichloromethane, Certified AR for Analysis, Stabilised with Amylene, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 75-09-2 Fórmula molecular: CH2Cl2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 84.927 Número MDL: 881 InChI Key: YMWUJEATGCHHMB-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: methylene chloride, methylene dichloride, methane, dichloro, methylene bichloride, methane dichloride, solaesthin, solmethine, freon 30, narkotil, aerothene mm PubChem CID: 6344 ChEBI: CHEBI:15767 IUPAC Name: dichloromethane SMILES: C(Cl)Cl 1LT Dichloromethane, Certified AR for analysis, stabilised with amylene

Nitric Acid 68% d=1.42, Certified AR, for Analysis, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 7697-37-2 Fórmula molecular: HNO3 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 63.012 Número MDL: 11349 InChI Key: GRYLNZFGIOXLOG-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: hydrogen nitrate, aqua fortis, azotic acid, salpetersaeure, rfna, acidum nitricum, nital, acide nitrique, nitrous fumes, nitryl hydroxide PubChem CID: 944 ChEBI: CHEBI:48107 IUPAC Name: nitric acid SMILES: [N+](=O)(O)[O-] 2.5LT Nitric acid 68-70% d=1.42, Certified ARalysis

PBS, Phosphate Buffered Saline, 10X Powder, pH 7.4, Fisher BioReagents

X2 PBS, 10X Powder Concentrate (White Granular Powder)

Water, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 7732-18-5 Fórmula molecular: H2O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 18.015 Número MDL: 11332 InChI Key: XLYOFNOQVPJJNP-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: dihydrogen oxide, dihydrogen monoxide PubChem CID: 962 ChEBI: CHEBI:15377 IUPAC Name: oxidane SMILES: O 500ML Water, Optima(TM) LC/MS grade

PBS, Phosphate Buffered Saline, 10X Solution, Fisher BioReagents

Commonly used buffer 500ML Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), 10X Solution

Isopropanol, HPLC for Gradient Analysis, Fisher Chemical

2.5LT Isopropanol, HPLC for gradient analysis

Ethyl Acetate, Certified AR for Analysis, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 141-78-6 Fórmula molecular: C4H8O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 88.106 Número MDL: 9171 InChI Key: XEKOWRVHYACXOJ-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: ethyl ethanoate, acetoxyethane, acetic acid ethyl ester, acetic ether, ethyl acetic ester, vinegar naphtha, acetic acid, ethyl ester, ethylacetate, acetidin, acetic ester PubChem CID: 8857 ChEBI: CHEBI:27750 IUPAC Name: ethyl acetate SMILES: CCOC(=O)C 2.5LT Ethyl acetate, Certified AR for analysis

Acetic Acid Glacial, Certified AR for analysis, meets analytical specification of Ph.Eur., BP, USP, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 64-19-7 Fórmula molecular: C2H4O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.052 Número MDL: 36152 InChI Key: QTBSBXVTEAMEQO-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: ethanoic acid, ethylic acid, acetic acid, glacial, methanecarboxylic acid, vinegar acid, glacial, glacial, acetasol, acide acetique, essigsaeure PubChem CID: 176 ChEBI: CHEBI:15366 IUPAC Name: acetic acid SMILES: CC(=O)O 1LT Acetic acid glacial, Certified AR for analysis, meets Ph.Eur., BP, USP

Isopropanol, Certified AR for Analysis, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 67-63-0 Fórmula molecular: C3H8O Molecular Weight (g/mol): 60.096 Número MDL: 11674 InChI Key: KFZMGEQAYNKOFK-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: isopropanol, 2-propanol, isopropyl alcohol, 2-hydroxypropane, alkolave, avantine, hartosol, dimethylcarbinol, sec-propyl alcohol, petrohol PubChem CID: 3776 ChEBI: CHEBI:17824 IUPAC Name: propan-2-ol SMILES: CC(C)O 1LT Isopropanol, Certified AR for analysis

Nitrato de plata 0.1 M


Buffer Solution, pH 7, Baker Analyzed, Yellow, J.T.Baker™


Formic Acid, 99.5+%, Optima™ LC/MS Grade, Fisher Chemical

CAS: 64-18-6 Fórmula molecular: CH2O2 Molecular Weight (g/mol): 46.025 Número MDL: 3297 InChI Key: BDAGIHXWWSANSR-UHFFFAOYSA-N Sinónimo: methanoic acid, formylic acid, aminic acid, bilorin, hydrogen carboxylic acid, formisoton, myrmicyl, formira, acide formique, collo-bueglatt PubChem CID: 284 ChEBI: CHEBI:30751 IUPAC Name: formic acid SMILES: C(=O)O 0.5ML Formic acid, 99.5+%, Optima(TM) LC/MS grade

Thermo Scientific™ Kit de tampones de pH Orion™ ROSS™ All-in-One™

Mantenga los electrodos de pH de una forma más eficaz con los kits de tampones de pH Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS™ All-in-One™. ALL-IN-ONE ROSS PH BUFFER KIT,, 475ML EACH OF4.01, 7.00, 10.01 buffers, ROSS pH electrode

Gibco™ HEPES, 1M Buffer Solution

HEPES, 1M Buffer Solution X20 HEPES BUFFER 1M