IBA Solutions For Life Science™ D-destiobiotina

Used for elution of Strep-tag™ II proteins from Strep-Tactin™ 5 GR D-DESTHIOBIOTIN 5G STORE IN 4C FRIDGE

IBA Lifesciences™ Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator for 24 rxntubes, 1piece

IBA Lifesciences™ 5mL Gravity Flow Column


IBA Solutions for Life Science™ Tampón de d-destiobiotina E

25 ML D-DESTHIOBIOTIN, 25MM BUFFER SOLUTION (10XBuffer E) contains Tris pH 8, NaCl and EDTA 25mL

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ Tampón de regeneración 10X Strep-tag™

100 ML STREP-TAG(R) REGENERATION BUFFER WITH HABA(10x Buffer R) 100mL Store in 4C Fridge

IBA GmbH™ NY-ESO-1 peptide SLLMWITQV (HLA-A*0201)

IBA GmbH™ NY-ESO-1 peptide SLLMWITQV (HLA-A*0201) is a single peptide for stimulation of human NY-ESO-1-specific CD8+ T-cells. 1MG NY-ESO-1 peptide SLLMWITQV (HLA-A*0201)

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ CpA Dinucleotide

1 MG CpA-dinucleotide 1mg Store in Freezer at -20C

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Superflow™ 50% Suspension

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Superflow™ 50% Suspension can be used to pack your own columns for protein purification. 4ML Strep-Tactin XT Superflow 50% suspension

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ Strep-Tactin™ Superflow™ High capacity, 50% Suspension

Used for purification of recombinant Strep-tag™ proteins under gravity flow and low pressure or FPLC 4 ML Strep-Tactin(R) Superflow(R) high capacity,

IBA Solutions For Life Science 7-Deaza-ATP alpha S (Tubercidin)

A modified nucleoside-triphosphate (alpha-Thio-nucleoside-5´-triphosphate) that is used for RNA-sequencing, introduction of dyes and reporter groups, high throughput mapping of functionally important groups in RNA (NAIM), stabilizing RNA against nucleases. 7-Deaza-ATP alpha S (Tubercidin)

IBA Solutions For Life Science StarGate™ pESG-IBA Acceptor Vectors for Mammalian Expression

Designed for high-level constitutive expression of recombinant proteins in a wide range of Mammalian host cells through the CMV promoter, with replication in cell lines that are latently infected with SV40 large T antigen. pESG-IBA65; 5µg

IBA Solutions For Life Science StarGate™ pLSG-IBA Acceptor Vectors for Baculo

Transfer vectors that allow for high-level expression in insect cells by introducing the gene of interest into the Polyhedrin gene locus of AcMNPV DNA by homologous recombination. pLSG-IBA104; 5µg

IBA Solutions For Life Science PH-CpU-Cyanine 3 Transcription Starter

An RNA dinucleotide (oligonucleotide for 5´-labeled transcripts) that is very useful for transcription analysis. PH-CpU-Cyanine 3

IBA Solutions For Life Science 2'-Amino-2'-dCTP

A modified nucleoside-triphosphate (3´-modified oligos) that prevents nuclease degradation of RNAs. 2'-Amino-2'-dCTP

IBA GmbH™ CD45RA Fab Streptamer™ Isolation Kit MB

IBA GmbH™ CD45RA Fab Streptamer™ Isolation Kit MB is for reversible cell isolation delivering label-free target cells. CD45RA Fab Streptamer Isolation Kit MB

IBA GmbH™ Mammalian Expression Vector with Secretion

Designed for high-level episomal expression in mammalian hosts under G418 selection. IBA GmbH™ Mammalian Expression Vector with Secretion is a large expression vector with universal features for transient expression as well as for generation of stable cell lines (NeoR). pCSG-IBA104; 5µg

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ 6-Mercapto-GTP IBA

500 NMOL 6-Mercapto-GTP 0.5µmol Store in Freezer

IBA Lifesciences™ Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ Gravity Flow Mini-Columns

X5 Gravity flow Strep-Tactin(R) Sepharose column,

IBA GmbH™ Small Mammalian Expression Vector

Designed for protein expression for mammalian HEK293E cells (MEXi 293E cells). IBA GmbH™ Small Mammalian Expression Vector is a small transient expression vector especially developed for the use in combination with the MEXi mammalian expression system. pDSG-IBA102; 5µg

IBA GmbH™ E. coli Expression Vector with No Secretion

Regulate the expression of proteins with a vector that carries the inducible tetracycline promoter/operator. IBA GmbH™ E. coli Expression Vector with No Secretion allows for the expression of proteins in E.coli. pASG-IBA43; 5µg

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ CpU-dinucleotide IBA

1 MMOL CpU-dinucleotide 1µmol Store in Freezer at

IBA Solutions For Life Science 2'-Fluoro-2'-UTP

A modified nucleoside-triphosphate (modified 2´-ribonucleoside-5´-triphosphate) that prevents nuclease degradation of RNAs. 2'-Fluoro-2'-UTP


IBA GmbH™ MHC I-Strep HLA-A*0201 HA-1H VLHDDLLEA is for fluorescent staining/FACS as well as for magnetic isolation of antigen-specific (CD8+) T cells. MHC I-Strep HLA-A*0201, HA-1H, VLHDDLLEA; 40 µl

IBA GmbH CD31 Isolation Kit for FABian™

For automated positive cell separation. The Isolation Kit for FABian&trade provides label-free target cells without the use of high affinity antibodies and magnetic beads CD31 Isolation Kit for FABian(R), human, 1 Kit

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ GpC-dinucleotide IBA

5 MG GpC-dinucleotide 5mg Store in Freezer at -20C

IBA GmbH CD3 Fab-TACS&trade Gravity Kit, Mouse

For manual positive cell separation. The Fab-TACS&trade Gravity Kit provides label-free target cells without the use of high affinity antibodies and magnetic beads CD3 Fab-TACS(R) Gravity Kit, mouse, 4 columns

IBA Solutions For Life Science 6-Methyl-mercaptopurine-riboside-5'-triphosphate

A modified nucleoside-triphosphate (modified 2´-ribonucleoside-5´-triphosphates) that helps in studying crosslinking experiments. 6-Methyl-mercaptopurine-riboside-5'-triphosphate

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ StrepMAB-Classic

For detection of N- or C-terminal or internal Strep-tag™ II specific monoclonal antibody 75 UG STREPMAB-CLASSIC HRP CONJUGATE (STREP-TAGII-HRP conjugate), 25-30 Western blots 75µg Store