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Genomic DNA purification kits

Thermo Scientific™ GeneJET™ Nucleic Acid Purification Kits

  • High yields of pure nucleic acids 
  • Fast protocols and specialized solutions for a wide variety of sample types 
  • Convenient spin columns with trusted silica membrane technology


Robust DNA amplification with enhanced Taq

Thermo Scientific™ DreamTaq™ DNA Polymerase

  • Minimized optimization with magnesium sulfate-based buffer 
  • Higher yield and longer amplicons than any standard Taq


Efficiency in PCR cloning

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ Restriction Enzymes Value Pack

  • Fast and convenient restriction enzyme digestion 
  • Contains the 13 most commonly used FastDigest enzymes 
  • 100% buffer compatibility with downstream applications

Thermo Scientific™ DNA Modifying Enzymes 

  • Blunting and phosphorylation of DNA ends in 5 minutes (K0771) 
  • Labeling 5'-termini of nucleic acids or 5'-phosphorylation prior to ligation (EK0031) 
  • Removes single-stranded overhangs; transcript mapping, and cleavage of hairpin loops (EN0321) 
  • Blunting and labeling by fill-in 5'-overhangs, (EP0421/2, EP0051/2/4)

Quick and convenient ligation and transformation kits 

  • Fast sticky-end ligation is completed in 10 minutes at room temperature (EL0014/13/16) 23% 
  • Quick and convenient preparation of competent E. coli cells for high transformation efficiencies (K2710/11) 

Essential tools for electrophoresis

High-purity buffers and reagents

Thermo Scientific™ TopVision™ Agarose and electrophoresis buffers 

  • DNase- and RNase-free for degradation-free electrophoresis (R0491/2, R0801)
  • Available as standard and low melting point agarose (R0491/2, R0801) 
  • High purity buffers for RNA and DNA electrophoresis (B49, B52) 
  • Two-color tracking of DNA migration during electrophoresis (R0611, R0631)

Thermo Scientific™ FastRuler™ DNA Ladders

  • For fast separation, ~10 minutes, and accurate analysis of DNA fragments in a short distance
  • Ready-to-use format is premixed with loading dye


High-fidelity PCR 

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ DNA Polymerase

  • Uracil-tolerant PCR master mix allows for high yields and short extension times 
  • Fast cycling and direct gel-loading of PCR products with green format
  • Specific and efficient multiplexing of over 20 targets with multiplex 2x PCR master mix 


Plastic consumables for PCR and qPCR

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well PCR Plates and VersiCap Mats 

  • Thermo Scientific 96-Well PCR Plates and VersiCap Mats are designed to ensure optimal performance in both PCR and qPCR applications 
  • Reduce setup time when sealing PCR plates by applying multiple cap strips at once with VersiCap Mats 
  • Provides improved sealing compared to adhesive seals 
  • VersiCap Mats are compatible with all Thermo Scientific 96-well PCR plates as well as standard and low profile strip tubes


Experience PCR amplification without purification

Thermo Scientific™ Direct PCR Master Mixes

  • Amplify directly from crude samples—no DNA extraction or purification required 
  • Very short protocol times—from sample to results in 30 minutes 
  • Minimized pipetting due to master mix format and loading dyes already added