Thermo Scientific™ Tubos capilares de PEEK

Utilice estos bucles de muestras para sus inyectores de muestras de HPLC Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™.  TUBO CAPIL PEEK 1/16X0,005

Saint Gobain Performance Plast™ Tygon™ Microbore Tubing

Use this microbore tubing for general laboratory and pharmaceutical use, especially with precision injection or dispensing applications. Tygon™ Microbore Tubing is excellent for low-flow peristaltic pump applications. X30m Tygon microbore tubing 1.27x2.29mm OD

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubos CFlex transparentes

Use this tubing for pharmaceutical, biotech and general-purpose lab uses requiring high performance. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Clear C-Flex Tubing features excellent chemical resistance, low gas permeability and a smooth surface. 7,5M TUBO CLEAR CFLEX 9,6X12,7MM

Thermo Scientific™ Tubo de vacío de plástico PVC transparente Nalgene™ 180

Utilice de forma práctica y eficiente este tubo de vacío Nalgene 180 con una pared gruesa de PVC capaz de resistir un vacío total (80 mm Hg) a temperatura ambiente 3M TUBO PVC A VACIO 12,7 X 28,6 MM

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubo de PTFE

Use this tubing for demanding lab, chemical, electrical, mechanical, pharmaceutical and automotive applications. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ PTFE Tubing withstands extreme temperatures, ideal for high-purity work. 50M TUBO PTFE 5X7 MM

Cole Parmer™ Chemfluor FEP Tubing

15 M TUBING FEP 1/8 X 1/4

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubos de PFA

PFA-Schlauch, ID=8mm, AD=11,2mm, WS=1,6mm (VE=10Meter)

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubos Norprene

Use this tubing for applications requiring excellent chemical, heat, ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light resistance. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Norprene Tubing is nonconductive, heat-sealable, nonaging and nonoxidizing, with superior acid and alkali resistance. 15M TUBO NORPRENE 12,8X16MM

Fisherbrand™ Tubos de pared media de vidrio borosilicatado

Features great mechanical strength and low coefficient of expansion. Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Capillary Medium Walled Tubing is highly resistant to chemical and thermal shock. X20 TUBO BORO D.EXT.10MM ORIF 7MM

Cole Parmer™ Metric PTFE Tubing


Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubos Tygon R3607

Formulated for resistance to flex fatigue and abrasion and is less permeable than rubber tubing. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tygon R3607 Tubing handles virtually all inorganic chemicals found in the lab. X12 TUBE TYGON 3603 0,13MM 2 AR.

Fisherbrand™ Tubos de silicona de platino translúcidos

Providing a number of advantages over conventional peroxide cured silicones. Fisherbrand™ Translucent Platinum Cured 5m Silicone Tubing is available in a comprehensive range of stock sizes. 5M TUBO SILICONA REFORZADO 3X8MM

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubo de vacío

25M Empty Rubber Tubing GSR 8 x 6 x 20mm

Saint-Gobain™ Norprene™ Pressure Tubing


Fisher Scientific™ Chemical-Resistant Check Valves

Constructed of chemical-resistant Kynar™ body and Viton™ valve X6 CHEM-RESISTANT CHECK VALVE 3/1

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubos de PEEK

Use this biocompatible tubing for a variety of high pressure applications and analytical systems. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ PEEK Tubing has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any thermoplastic tubing and the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure. 1,5M TUBO PEEK NARANJA 0,51X1,6MM

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos de plástico PVC transparente Nalgene™ 180

Realice una amplia variedad de aplicaciones con los tubos de plástico PVC transparente Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180, que resisten el endurecimiento y la decoloración. 15M TUBE 3/16 X 5/16

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 689 Polypropylene Tubing

Perform a variety of applications with the excellent chemical resistance to several acids and alkalis of Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 689 Polypropylene Tubing. 30M TUBING PP NALGENE 689 BORE X WALL 6.4 X

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos capilares de acero inoxidable 316 para HPLC en bobinas de 5 pies

Utilice los tubos capilares de acero inoxidable Thermo Scientific™ 316 para HPLC limpios, pulidos y pasivados, listos para su uso inmediato. 316SS CAPILLARY TUBING0.030''ID X 5' COIL

Fisherbrand™ Tubos de silicona translúcida NOVOsil™

Providing good elasticity and suitable for increased mechanical loads in the laboratory. Fisherbrand™ NOVOsil™ Translucent Silicone Tubing is neutral, non-toxic and delivered free of talcum. 25M TUBO NOVOSIL 5X9MM

Cole Parmer™ Tygon SE–200 Tubing


Saint-Gobain™ Tubos para uso médico Tygon™ ND 100-65

For blood contact medical devices where non-DEHP plasticized materials are required Tubing S-50-HL medical and surgical flexible nontoxic non pyrogenic autoclavable clear compatible

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos métricos de plástico PVC transparente Nalgene™ 180

Establezca un ajuste hermético con accesorios métricos utilizando los tubos métricos de PVC Nalgene 180, fabricados con resinas y plastificadores especiales de la máxima calidad. 25M TUBO PVC 10X14MM

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 50 Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing

Minimize absorption of proteins and food products. A low-binding surface makes this flexible, durable tubing ideal for a variety of pump and transfer applications. x15 PIE MANGUERA SILICO3/8X5/8X1/8

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Tubos Bev-A-Line XX

Use this tubing for alcohol, food and beverage applications and general lab use. Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Bev-A-Line XX Tubing is nontoxic, nonhemolythic and features a polyethylene liner with ethyl vinyl acetate shell. 75M TUBO BEV-A-LINE XX 9,6X12,8MM

Saint-Gobain™ Plastic Sanitary Couplings