Fisherbrand™ Cooking Glass


Fisherbrand™ Tubos de ensayo de vidrio sodocálcico

Use Fisherbrand™ Soda Glass Cell Culture Test Tubes to analyze cell culture material that are critical to diagnoses and experimentation. X250 SODA TUBE 10X75MM EP0,5-0,6

Pyrex™ Round Bottom Threaded Culture Tubes

Made from borosilicate glass for use with samples sensitive to leaching from plastic tubes. Corning™ Pyrex™ Round Bottom Threaded Culture Tubes are designed for tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X250 glass culture tube round base 16x100mm 11,5ml screw neck pyrex borosilicate

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos de policarbonato para centrífuga de alta velocidad con fondo redondo Nalgene™, 38 ml

Centrifugue las muestras repetidas veces con éxito gracias a la excepcional resistencia mecánica y una elevada transparencia de estos tubos de centrífuga de policarbonato de fondo redondo. X10 TUBO CENT FONDO REDOND 50ML PC

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos y gradillas Microtiter, mate, gradilla robótica

Seal microtiter tubes tightly for storage with these polyethylene plug strips for use with 1.2mL MCT Titertube Racks.


Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 1.0mL ScrewTop Tubes, bulk

Molded from medical grade resins and featuring a permanent, high contrast 2D barcode to meet a range of manual and automated long term storage needs. X480 Tubes TrakMates 2D barcoded storage screw steril, (VE=10x48Stck.)

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes: 100mL Capacity

Tubes are made from borosilicate glass in compliance with ASTM Specification E438, Type I, Class A or B glass requirements. X6 ASTM TUBE 200ML 6' 200%

Fisherbrand™ Tubo de ensayo de vidrio borosilicatado 3.3

Use round-bottom Fisherbrand™ 3.3 Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes for laboratory needs when heat resistance is critical. These disposable test tubes are thick-walled and autoclavable. X100 BORO TUBE 20X150MM EP1,1-1,2

Fisherbrand™ Tubo de ensayo sin reborde de vidrio sodocálcico

Store test reagents and material. FisherbrandTM soda lime glass rimless test tubes come in different sizes to meet your needs. X100 TUBO ENSAYO 75X10MM VID SODA

Fisherbrand™ Tubos para microcentrífuga con pestaña de bloqueo con polipropileno Snap-Cap™

Convenient, pierceable locking lids snap into place with one-handed operation LOCKING 1.5ML MCT GRADUATED BL

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Reaction Tube with Cap, 0.2mL, Assorted Colors

Designed to maximize sample recovery and ensure uniform heating/cooling MICROAMP COLOR RXN TUBE W/CAPS

Kimble™ Kontes™ Brand 5mm Disposable Grade NMR Sample Tubes

For instruments with field strength of approximately 60MHz TUBE RMN 5MM

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos individuales de 0.2 ml

0.2 mL individual tubes with attached flat or dome snap shut caps, available in a variety of colors X1000 PCR TUBE 0,2ML DOME AMARILLO

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos para cultivo celular Nunc™

Realice cultivos celulares adherentes en laboratorios biotecnológicos, farmacéuticos y de investigación con los tubos para cultivo celular Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™. X600 TUBO 13X100MM TAPON PRESION

Tubos de vidrio sin reborde de fondo redondo desechables PYREX™

Manufactured from borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants. Corning™ PYREX™ Disposable Round-Bottom Rimless Glass Tubes are designed for both tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X250 CULTURE TUBE 15X85MMPYREX

Fisherbrand™ Snap-on or Push-in Cap Glass Specimen Vials

Store and display specimens securely and easily. Fisherbrand™ Snap-on or Push-in Cap Glass Specimen Vials are available in a variety of sizes. Fisherbrand™ snap-on or screw-in polyethylene caps are sold separately. X190 Frasco,fondo plano,forma baja,tipo 1 vidrio neutro,23x46mm(dxa),cuello DE 22mm,3 dram,10.5mL

Thermo Scientific™ Tiras de tubos de 0.2 ml

Optimize PCR and qPCR with these 0.2 mL strip tubes, available as 8 tubes per strip in several colors or 12 tubes per strip. X250 STRIP 8X0,2ML CAP DOMED GREENStrips)

Corning™ Tubos de PCR de polipropileno Thermowell™ GOLD

Thermowell GOLD tubes fit automated equipment as well as the original manufacturers' tubes X1000 THERMOWELLG 0,2ML DOMO ASS

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos de centrifuga de plástico desechables Nunc™

Mantenga un alto nivel de precisión al tiempo que aumenta la seguridad en el laboratorio mediante estos tubos de plástico para centrífuga desechables, que son una excelente alternativa al vidrio. X1200 TUBO CON. PS 15X100MM 5-10ML

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Reaction Tube without Cap, 0.2mL, Assorted Colors

Designed to maximize sample recovery MICROAMP COLOR RXN TUBES

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos para microcentrífuga con tapón de rosca, 0.5 ml, tapón de rosca con junta tórica, ámbar

Optimizados para el almacenamiento de muestras seguro a corto plazo y a bajas temperaturas, estos tubos están disponibles con un diseño cónico o autoestable.

X500 Microcentrifuge tubes MBP sterile, freestandi

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos de reacción para almacenamiento HotStart™

Elimine las molestas capas de aceite o cera con los tubos de reacción para almacenamiento de pared fina Thermo Scientific™ HotStart™. X480 MICROTUBES HOTSTART HOTSTART 50 WITH WAXbead DNase and RNase free polypropylene for 25-50µ

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos de poliestireno para centrífuga de 10 y 11 ml Nunc™

Aumente la eficacia de la centrifugación con estos tubos para centrífuga de policarbonato, los cuales han sido probados por lo que respecta a los valores de RCF y la estanqueidad. X480 Centrifuge Tube w/Cap, 10 ML Flat, Sterile,

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos para centrífuga de PPCO de alta velocidad Oak Ridge Nalgene™

Visualice fácilmente el contenido de estos tubos transparentes para centrífuga de PPCO de alta velocidad Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Oak Ridge. X10 TUBO OAK RIDGE PPCO 28ML

Corning™ Tubos de cultivo desechables de poliestireno

Manufactured from optically clear polystyrene for optimum clarity. Corning™ Polystyrene Disposable Culture Tubes are provided with threaded plug seal caps to prevent leakage. X500 TUBO CULTIVO 16X125MM PS TC E

Thermo Scientific™ Tubos para centrífuga cónicos Nunc™ EZFlip™

Abra y cierre los tubos para centrífuga cónicos Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EZFlip™ con una sola mano mediante el sistema de tapón articulado exclusivo. X500 TUBO EZFLIP PP 15ML GRANEL

Corning™ Bar Coded Storage Tubes: 1D/2D Bar Coded

For enhanced sample storage, identification and retrieval X960 Storage Tube, PP, 1.3ml, Natural, Round Bottom, no Cap, Nonsterile, 1D/2D BarCode, Bulk, 96/bag

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Brand Hopkins Vaccine Tubes

Used to standardize vaccines X12 Tubes Kimble centrifuge, Hopkins vaccine,