Temporizadores, relojes y cronómetros

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador principal de laboratorio Traceable™

Lab-Top Timer is built expressly for bench use MINUTEUR LAB-TOP 24H

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro con temporizador de cuenta atrás/adelante Traceable™

Convenient, one-channel benchtop timer. CHONOMETRE REBOURS 100 MIN

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro de 60 memoria Traceable™

Sixty memories recall all splits, display sample numbers 1-60, and show interval split, longest, shortest, and average times 60-Memory Stopwatch

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetros caleidoscópicos Traceable™

Digital stopwatches with choice of six translucent colors—color code to a specific test or instrument. Fisher Scientific Traceable Kaleidoscope Stopwatch displays time of day in hour, minute, and second, AM/PM, date, and day of the week. TIMER 24H GUL FP=3

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ Vibrating Timer

Innovative timer with countdown/up, memory and stopwatch modes Traceable Vibrating Timer

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador Multi-Colored Traceable™

Assorted bold colors for distinctive appearance CRONOMETRO 4 CANALES

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Two-Channel Benchtop Timer with Dual-Line LCD

Functions as a stopwatch and a clock TRACEABLE JUMBO TIMER (BLACK)

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores portátiles Traceable™ con recuperación de memoria

For general-purpose timing applications CRONOMETRO CUENTA ATRAS COLLAR 24H

Fisher Scientific™ Reloj de pared Traceable™ con diámetro de 12 plug en la parte frontal

Sturdy laboratory wall clock with sweeping second hand. CLOCK SPLASH RESISTANT, WATER ANDdust resistant sealed case bright sweeping second

Fisher Scientific™ Single-Action Stopwatch™

Simple and intuitive to use. STOPWATCH 13 JEWEL SINGLE BUTTONstart, stop and reset metal housing 51mm x 13mm,

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores de sobremesa

Selecting time winds timer TIMER 60 MINUTE, MECHANICAL CHEMICALresistant 76mm x 89mm x 51mm

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro/temporizador de grandes dígitos

Set four separate channels from 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds to one second. Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Big Digit Timer/Stopwatch sounds an alarm when zero is reached and then starts counting up. CRONOMETRO ALARMA 4 CANALES

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Visual Alarm Timer


Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador de grandes dígitos con alerta intermitente LED Traceable™

Unique green light flashes every 10 seconds while in countdown mode; red light flashes when zero has been reached when the alarm is sounding TIMER 3 ALARMAS

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores portátiles Traceable™ y pinza de llavero

For general-purpose timing applications TIMER POCKET, FOUR DIGIT LCD, FROM 20hours to 1 min alarm, fast 3 key operation 51mm x

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizador de memoria de recuperación instantánea Traceable™

Designed specifically for routine tests, quality control requirements and repetitive analysis TRACEABLE INSTANT-RECALL MEM TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Reloj temporizador Traceable™: 24 horas

Reliable benchtop timer with 1-second resolution and 0.01% accuracy TRACEABLE® ADVANCED MEMORY TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores de bolsillo SX-Timer™ y Quick-Timer™

Easy-to-read and use without buttons, batteries or confusing settings. Fisher Scientific SX-Timer and Quick-Timer Pocket Timers can be adjusted from 1 to 60 minutes in one-minute increments. WIND-UP TIMER

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro resistente al agua y a prueba de golpes

NIST traceability assures quality and accuracy. Fisher Scientific Water-Resistant, Shock-Resistant Stopwatch is a general-purpose, quartz LCD digital stopwatch with O-ring-sealed ABS plastic case and is ideal for rough use. STOPWATCH WATER/SHOCK RESISTANT,times to 23hrs 59mins 59 secs, digits are 6.4mm

Fisherbrand™ Traceable™ 10-Hour Stopwatches

For general-purpose applications STOPWATCH PRECISE TIMING, TEN HOURtiming, toughwater resistant ABS plastic case

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Clock

Ideal for washdown areas and harsh environments TRACEABLE WATERPROOF IN/OUTDOOR CLOCK

Fisher Scientific™ Temporizadores mecánicos

Wind up, analog timers eliminate batteries. Fisher Scientific Mechanical Timers are adjustable from 0 to 60 min. with 1 minute increments. TIMER SX-TIMER FROM 0 MINUTES TO 60minutes, easy to read ABS chemical resistant

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador Multi-Colored Seymour Blue™ Traceable™

Features Automatic Bounceback™ Memory for repetitive timing CRONOMETRO 4 CANALES MR.BLUE

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetro digital Jumbo Traceable™

Largest digits (1/2 in. high) provide ease in reading. TRACEABLE® JUMBO-DIGIT STOPWATCH

Fisherbrand™ Cronómetros de 24 horas Traceable™

Digital, handheld STOPWATCH LIGHT, INEXPENSIVE, TIMESto 24 hours, displays time and date 54mm x 16mm

Fisherbrand™ Temporizador de cuenta atrás de 3 canales

Runs three separate timers simultaneously. Fisherbrand™ 3-Channel Countdown Timer counts down from a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds on each clock. Provides both audible and visual alarm. CRONOMETRO CUENTA ATRAS 3 CANALES

Fisher Scientific™ Cronómetros/temporizador Traceable™

Remarkable timers with large display. CRONOMETRO CON ALARMA 100H TRACEAB